40+ Crazy Photos Where Safety Comes Last

A collection of people taking dangerous risks and prioritizing stupidity over their own safety.

“Holes Drilled To Mount A Power Bar To The Wall”

“Southbound I-95, Moving At 75 Mph”

“Digging Holes In The Middle Of A Major Intersection With No Signage Or Warnings, Seems Safe”

“Keep Your Network Lubricated”

“Here, Have My Spare Grinder”

“So Thats Where All The Grounding Pins Keep Going”

“This Reagent Bottle Was Opened Before I Was Born”

“Hotel Room, Cape Town, Sa. White Romex, To Some Kind Of Hidden Power Strip”

“Just Wear A Hard Hat Until It Falls Down”

“Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Trying His Hand At Welding”

“Gotta Love A Reading Nook That Only Gives You A 50/50 Chance Of Surviving Your First Book”

“I’m Not Sure The Wooden Edge Of The Playground Is The Best Place To Store Your Burning, Unsupervised Blowtorch”

“Manager Has Zip Tied Our Only Emergency Door Shut For The Past 2 Months Because They’re “Tired Of Theives Running Out The Back””

“This Exit Will Expose You To Formaldehyde”

“Window Cleaners Across The Street. I’m On The 5th Floor. NYC”

Source: www.reddit.com

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