40+ Essential Travel Products

Planning a trip soon? Make sure you have all the essential travel products with these 40+ must-haves.

An in-flight foot hammock, which might seem a little *extra* at first, but will make you a believer after one use. Simply hang it on the arms of your tray table and rest your feet on the cushion to help prevent soreness and swelling. Just make sure you’re wearing a clean pair of socks before taking your shoes off!

A luggage-mounted cup caddy that’ll free up your hands so you can hold your phone, boarding pass, passport — you know, the ~essentials~ (not that your XL iced mocha isn’t an essential, but, you know…)

Trtl neck pillow, which will actually keep you from awkwardly dozing off on your seat mate’s shoulder, thanks to its ergonomic design and soft fleece support. Plus, it’ll double as a scarf (planes are COLD), and it looks way more chic than those puffy U-shaped pillows.

A set of portable soap paper sheets for ensuring your hands stay clean, even en route. They instantly foam up when you rub your wet hands together, so don’t fret the next time you use a public b-room and the soap dispenser is empty (tsk tsk, public b-room!).

A set of Sea Bands to wear on your wrists when you wanna kick nausea to the curb, whether you’re on a boat, in a car, hungover, or all of the above. They contain a little plastic knob that exerts pressure on an acupuncture point known to reduce nausea, and unlike gum or lozenges, they’re 100% reusable.

And a roll-on migraine stick you can dab over your temples, forehead, and neck when you feel a headache coming on — no more vacations spent stuck in bed! It contains peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils, which can help ease pain at the onset, and since it’s about the size of a tube of lip balm, it’s perfect for keeping in your bag in case one of those debilitating headaches sneaks up while you’re out and about. 

A portable white noise machine, because if you’ve ever tried getting a good night’s sleep while your hotel neighbors were throwing a rager, you probably wished you had one of these. Sweet dreams!

An in-flight phone mount in case whatever airline you’re flying doesn’t have any good viewing options (if they even offer them at all). It attaches to the top of your seat-back tray so you can download your favorite movies and TV shows before takeoff and watch them midair.

A cute portable charger that reeeally comes in handy when you’re at 19% battery and the plane hasn’t even taken off yet. It’ll also give you some extra juice while you’re exploring (this one’s so much sleeker than those bulky block chargers), and best of all, it plugs right into your phone, meaning no pesky cords!

An unassuming luggage strap, which may not look like much but is actually super convenient in terms of keeping your hands free. Just hook it onto your luggage handle and attach your purse, backpack, neck pillow, jacket, or pretty much anything else you’d rather not schlep around the terminal yourself. 

Or a travel wallet made from an RFID-blocking material, meaning your important documents will be protected from information theft (something we, unfortunately, need to be wary of). Plus, it’s got a ton of pockets to keep everything nice and organized. 

A digital luggage scale you should definitely have on hand if you tend to ~overpack,~ since it’ll let you know just how much you can cram into your suitcase without it resulting in some — surprise! — hefty over-capacity fees. Now you’ll have extra cash for souvenirs!

A jewelry organizer lined with clasps that’ll separate all of your delicate chains so they don’t get tangled up into a nightmare of a ball while you’re en route. And when you’re not using it, it folds up into a cute little carrying case!

And to match, a waterproof toiletry bag you can hang in the hotel bathroom (because you know the idea of a hotel bathroom having more than an inch of counter space is laughable). It comes with four zip-up compartments and packs up into a little purse, but as you can see from the photos, it fits a TON!

A chic anti-theft backpack, which is cleverly designed to open from the back to keep your belongings safe from sneaky pickpockets (can’t unzip it unless you take it off!). It’s also spacious enough to fit a tablet and has lots of little nooks and crannies for storing smaller items. 

A lovely flat that comes in so many gorgeous colors and prints, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one pair. Reviewers say these fold up nice and compact (your forever-crammed suitcase will thank you), and that they’re super comfortable — perfect when you’re dashing through the airport Home Alone-style or need a shoe that easily slips on and off at security. 

A memory foam seat cushion, because long car rides are stressful enough without your bum screaming “SOS!” within the first hour. With this, your booty will stay comfy and cradled, and the cool gel layer on top keeps things from getting too sweaty. 

A water-resistant portable lock box perfect for beach trips, since it’ll keep belongings safe while you take a dip. Just fasten it around a few beach chairs and enjoy your swim!

An AirFly Pro wireless transmitter so you can connect your earbuds to the plane’s entertainment system. Who cares if you’ve seen You’ve Got Mail upward of 50 times, that piece of cinematic gold deserves better than those staticky airline-distributed headphones.

Some in-flight earplugs, which won’t only drown out the sound of the screaming toddler in back of you; they’ll also help prevent air pressure discomfort and popping. No wonder one reviewer says they “never fly without these!”

A very thorough travel checklist so you can avoid having a Kate McCallister moment as your plane’s about to take off. It’s done all of the work for you by listing pretty much any travel need you could think of, so all you have to do is cross items off as you pack!

And a Kindle Paperwhite to help the hours spent waiting at the gate go by when the status of your flight is a big ol’ question mark 🙃 Plus, it’s waterproof and glare-free, meaning it’s the perfect thing to bring to the hotel pool (which you’ll obviously be heading straight for as soon as you *finally* land). 

A 100% waterproof, satin-lined Hairbrella for keeping your perfectly coiffed ‘do looking the same as it did when you left the hotel — a little rain isn’t gonna ruin your vacation! The silky-smooth lining means no hat hair, and it conveniently folds into a pouch for stashing in your bag.

Plus a six-port USB charging station, which is a game-changer when you’re at the airport and need to charge your phone, and tablet, and your kids’ tablet, and your SO’s tablet…and there’s only one place to plug in. Oh, and if you get to your hotel and realize your room is short on outlets, this bb has you covered. 

A sneaky money belt with a hidden zip-up pocket that’ll keep your cash close so you can take in the sights with more peace of mind.

And a super smart travel pouch, which clips right onto your bra, meaning your cash, credit cards, and ID will be kept safe from even the most skilled pickpockets. 

solid shampoo bar you can stick in your carry-on without a second thought, since it’s not a liquid! Or pack it in your suitcase and rest assured your clothes will be spared from — oh no! — sticky spills. 

A waterproof pouch for keeping your precious phone safe on canoe trips, beach excursions, or even surprise rain showers. Oh, and if you wanna take some cool underwater photos, the clear window is touch-friendly!

A water-resistant travel laptop backpack, which won’t only protect your pricey tech gear; it’ll keep everything charged via the handy USB port, too! It’s got a dedicated computer pouch, but also comes with a roomy second compartment and a front pocket lined with small accessory storage spaces. Oh, and did I mention the theft-proof back pocket? Whoever designed this deserves a promotion. 

A fleecy MakeUp Eraser that’ll take off allll your makeup (that includes you, waterproof mascara) using water and…that’s it, just water. Seriously! No more makeup remover or wipes taking up precious space in your bag. Simply wet it, massage over your face in a circular motion, and ta-da!

A mini steam iron you’ll want on hand in case your SO surprises you with a reservation for the swankiest restaurant in town during what was supposed to be a ~laid back~ beach vacation. Don’t worry, just get out the maxi you threw into your suitcase at the last minute, iron out those wrinkles, and hope they don’t have a “no flip-flop” dress code. 

A 50-count set of laundry soap sheets, which really save the day when you realize that by being responsible and packing light, the shirt you’ve reworn three days in a row simply *reeks*. With these, you can hand wash your garments and avoid spending money on new ones or splurging on pricey hotel laundry services. 

A stick of Body Glide anti-chafing balm so you won’t have to worry about dreaded thigh rashes while you’re hiking in shorts or exploring a new city for hours in your favorite sundress. 

And a Body Glide anti-blister foot balm, because there’s nothing worse than feeling the new travel shoes you thought you’d already broken in start rubbing against your feet in the middle of the day. It’s formulated with vitamins A and C, which help soften and soothe chapped feet, and if you apply it before you put your shoes on, it can proactively prevent painful raw skin. 

A five-compartment snack spinner perfect for long road trips, since it’ll keep young kids content while they play with their food! Plus, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing it’s spill- and leak-proof, meaning no backseat messes.

A pair of compression socks for anyone who’d rather not find themselves starring in Honey, I Blew Up My Feet, thank you very much! Not only do they help reduce swelling, their moisture-wicking fabric will keep your feet from getting sweaty during long flights.

A collapsible water bottle that’ll save precious room in your suitcase AND money, since it’ll spare you from buying overpriced bottled H2O at the airport. Simply unroll it after you’ve gone through security and fill it up at a water fountain. 

Or a water bottle and weekly pill organizer, which cleverly combines two travel essentials in one (space-saving products, we love to see ’em!). Plus, the colorful design means you likely won’t forget to take your daily meds while you’re away from home. 

And a LifeStraw that removes 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria so adventurous explorers can stay hydrated — by drinking right from the lake! When your water bottle’s empty and there are no drinking fountains in sight, this is a real lifesaver.

A cheeky dirty laundry bag with an expandable design — it starts out small and compact for short trips, but also opens up to fit up to a week’s worth of clothes. Now, your sweaty socks won’t stink up your entire suitcase, and your clean garments will be protected from the scuffed-up ones. 

A discreet lint roller, which looks more like a colorful tube of lipstick than a fuzz-removing device! Since it’s retractable, just pop it out whenever your clothes could use a quick once-over rather than sheepishly walking around covered in…whatever that was on your plane seat.

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