40 Fascinating Historical Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Discover this collection of little-known historical photographs that will leave you amazed.

“One Of The First Traffic Signals In New York City, 1922”

“Somewhere Along The Pacific Coast Highway Between Malibu And Palisades, Ca. 1910”

“A Victorian Home Being Moved On Steiner Street Via Horse Power, 1908, San Francisco”

“The Arrival Of The Statue Of Liberty On June 17th 1885. The Statue Of Liberty Was A Gift Of Friendship From The People Of France To The People Of America”

“Kitchen Retro. Combo Sink/Stove/Fridge”

“Traveling Knife Sharpener With A Customer. United States, Early 1910s”

““People Decorating A Saguaro Like A Christmas Tree In Southern Arizona, Circa 1930s.” Arizona Historical Society”

“Christmas Early 1900’s”

“World War One Memorial”

“The Sioux Nation Of Native Americans Teepees Spread Across The Great Plains In 1800s”

“A Photo Of An Engineer Wiring An Early Ibm Computer, 1958. (Photo By Berenice Abbott)”

“An American Mother And Daughter Hold The American Flag In The Early 1900’s”

“This Young Boy Was Born In 1924 And He Is 2 Years Old In This Photo. He Died In 1944 In France On A Us Tanker. His Name Is Lonzo Hudgins And He Received A Purple Heart In Ww2. He Was My Mom’s 1st Cousin. I Love This Vintage Photo Of My Cousin”

“Lt. Col. Robert Stirm, Is Greeted By His Family, Returning Home After More Than Five Years As A Prisoner Of War In North Vietnam”

“Over 3,000 Workers Who Build The Chase Manhattan Bank In New York City Pose For A Photo Near The End Of Constructional Work, August, 1964”

“Kids These Days Don’t Know The Struggle (1990s)”

“Silent Film Actress, Delores Costello, Drew Barrymore’s Grandmother, 1928”

“Remember That Photo Of The Construction Workers Having Lunch On An Unfinished New York Skyscraper? Well Here’s The Photographer Charles Ebbets. 9/20/1932”

“The Huffy Radio Bicycle From The 1950s”

“American Athlete Jesse Owens Fills Up A Car At A Petrol Station In His A Uniform Of Cap, Shirt And Bow Tie. Owens Worked As A Petrol Pump Attendant To Help Finance His Studies At Ohio State University. (United States, 1935)”

“Blackfoot Native Americans On The Roof Of The Mcalpin Hotel, Refusing To Sleep In Their Rooms, New York City”

“Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) And His Long-Time Friend John T. Lewis (Probably Twain’s Inspiration For The Character “Jim” In “Huckleberry Finn”), Standing Together At Quarry Farm, Elmira, New York – 1903″

“Thirteen Sisters In The Brooks Family View Their Only Brother Leslie Benjamin, Following His Birth At Home In Pittsfield, Massachusetts (1954)”

“An Immigrant Family At New York’s Ellis Island Is About To Embark On The Chase Of Their Dreams. The 1900s”

“New York. 1957”

“Federal Reserve Bank, New York, 1959. Photo Ormond Gigli”

“Mount St. Helens Eruption, 1980. (Photo By R. Lasher)”

“Madison Square, New York City Ca.1900”

“Marilyn Monroe Photographed By Sam Shaw In Amagansett, New York, 1957”

“Telephone Tower, Before They Figured Out Bundling Lines Into Cables. There Are 5000 Lines In This Tower (1890)”

“1984 New York City Subway Ride”

“The Teenage Daughter Of A An Impoverished Arkansas Farmer Cooking On An Old Stove While Her Mother Was In A Tuberculosis Sanitarium During The Great Depression. Red Cross Photo From Ca. 1930”

“An Italian Child Arriving At Ellis Island, Early 1900s. (Us)”

“In 1938 1800 Veterans Of The Civil War Attended An 75th Anniversary Reunion At Gettysburg, Pa. The Youngest Was 88 Years Old, And The Oldest Claimed To Be 112 Years Old”

“Men In Suspenders Posing On The Brooklyn Bridge”

“Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Photographed In New York City By Richard Avedon, 1963”

“A Man Recording A Cassette Tape At A Music Festival In The 1980s”

“A Dangerous Playground From The 1970s”

“An Immigrant Family On The Dock At Ellis Island After Having Just Passed The Rigid Examination For Entry Into The Country, Looking Hopefully At New York’s Skyline While Awaiting The Government Ferry On August 13, 1925”

“May 1922: 78-Year-Old Robert T. Lincoln (Son Of Abraham Lincoln) Is Helped Up The Steps At The Dedication Of The Lincoln Memorial In Washington D.c”

“A Well-Dressed Young Lady In The 1930s. Almost Looks Like It Could Have Been Taken Yesterday”

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