40+ Fascinating Pics From Around The World

“School lunch in Beijing, China”

“College cafeteria meal in France (Public University, €3.30)”

“Rising meat prices…They have to unlock these for you at checkout”

“Rescued puma who can’t be released to wild is a house cat now”

“This is how close Detroit is from Canada.”

“Born in Japan, 1751 and died in July 7, 1977 at a grand old age of 226, koi Hanako was the oldest koi fish ever recorded”

“Tools labeled on a clean-room table during fueling of the James Webb Space Telescope”

“Norilsk City In Russia (The Most Depressing City In The World)”

“In Finland, you are given a top hat and sword when you get a PhD diploma.”

“This walrus that climbed on the walrus-class submarine of The Royal Netherlands Navy.”

“2 people came into work today with the same tattoo as me, I had to take a picture.”

“One was in my jar at home, and one was from the cashier.”

“My bro got a basketball stuck like this.”

“This number combination on the label of my plant.”

“Cracked one double yolker and thought ’Wow that’s cool!’ Cracked another and… it was also a double yolker.”

“I got the same fortune 2 times in a row.”

“I dropped a grape and it landed upright.”

“This tree fell on a fence and destroyed it, but perfectly replaced it.”

“What are the odds of throwing this paper airplane into an outlet?”

“After this lucky shot, we tried to recreate it, but it didn’t work.”

“I threw my pen at my friend’s board while he was about 2 meters away from me and it clipped onto it.”

“Mushrooms sprouted around the window in our fairy house! Now it’s super legit!”

“Accidentally deleted photos on my camera. Image recovery software resurrected a test shot taken by the ladies on the production line.”

“I found a diamond in my shoe while working out…”

“This photo of my cat turned into a photo of me too.”

“Saw this happy guy cruising down the road today.”

“I bought a bottle and its cork has a target printed on top of it.”

“My wife found sea glass with baby Yoda.”

“Came across this guy in a hole while tilling a yard.”

“Santa’s port-a-potty”

“I lit a match and it turned into a microphone.”

“This puddle is labeled.”

“Ice wool”

“I was cutting down decayed wood the other day and discovered this.”

“These shoes my mom bought look like a remote control on the bottom.”

“People appear on these stairs when wet.”

“My son’s blanket was happy to be done spinning.”

“I woke at dawn to find a family of ducks chilling on the kids’ floaty.”

“I just found out my new fridge makes these ice spheres.”

“There was a bag of tiny dice inside my bar of soap.”

“Frozen waves on a lake”

“Inside a Fazioli Grand Piano.”

“Perfectly spherical droplet of medicine in my Hospital Aquarium.”

“This is a saltwater coral.”

“This artwork outside our local hospital looks like they turned a doctor’s signature into a sculpture.”

“The way the snow settled on this path”

“The way this metal box rusted as the paint fell off over time.”

“My can of expanding foam sprung a leak.”

“A couple of years ago I made these Bismuth crystals in a bowl on my stove.”

“The railings at my apartment make this really cool shadow.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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