40+ Hilarious DIY Fails

“My Dad’s Home Made Dog Door. It Lives On. In Fact, It Now Has A New Custom Door Stopper”

“My Younger Brother (11) Has Inexplicably Hot-Glued Colourful Buttons To Random Keys On His Keyboard”

“Friend Of Mine Told Me To Post This Here. My Glorious 0.5$ Drawing Glove”

“I’m No Electrician, But I Think I’ve Solved The Mystery Of Why Changing The Lightbulbs Didn’t Work”

“My Mom Bought A New House And This Is What The Previous Owners Did To The Pool!”

“Sticking Herbs And Spices All Over Your Bathroom Wall To Make The Room Scented”

“Is Duct Tape Cheaper Than Paint?”

“My Moms Boyfriend Built An Outdoor Pisser So He Doesn’t Have To Use The Fence Anymore”

“I Just Spent $2 Worth Of Duct Tape To Fix A $1 Backscratcher. Totally Worth It”

“Local Artist’s Custom Paint Job”

“Op Said “Phone Will Not Charge Without Pressure””

Credits: old.reddit.com

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