40+ Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

In the gallery below, you can see examples of online shopping gone wrong that are so amusing, they’ll make you laugh out loud. Examples range from comically small furniture to offensive t-shirts, and people are sharing their most disastrous experiences.

“Picked Up My Walmart Order And They Left The Formula I Bought In Its Security Box”

“I Ordered Clint Eastwood. I Received His Derpy Cousin, Twice Removed”

“Ordered From Instacart For The First Time And This Is How The Chicken Came”

“I Ordered Nice Knives For The First Time In My Adult Life From eBay. The Seller Sent Me A Box From The Set I Ordered But The Knives Were A Different Line With Much Lower Quality”

“Amazon Literally Sent Me An Empty Bag And The Delivery Picture Shows It Was Open. (Say Hi To My Invisible Graphics Card)”

“How Shoes I Ordered On Poshmark Arrived”

“The Dog Bed My Mum Ordered For 99€”

“Amazon Took The Picture With My Box In Mid-Air”

“Ordered A Swimsuit From Amazon. This Is What I Got”

“I Ordered A Lighter, Dasher Replaced It With Packing Tape”

“I Ordered A Sandwich On Uber Eats And Got This, S#cks For The Person That Ordered This”

“What Was Ordered vs. What Was Received Through Our Beloved Daraz”

“I Ordered 4 Sliders And Received 270 Bread Rolls. Such A Waste”

“This Is How My Walmart Delivery Order Came. I Called Customer Service To Ask What I Should Do And They Said Just Break It”

“What A Friend Of Mine Ordered On A Costume Site And What She Got”

“I Requested 8 Bananas In My Weekly Grocery Pickup Order… They Gave Me 8 Bunches And Managed To Only Charge Me $0.68 – The Price Of One Single Banana”

“I Came Home To A Package I Didn’t Order – I Opened It Up To Find This And Have No Idea Who To Thank”

“What To Do When You Order A Small T-Shirt, And They Send You An XXXL”

“I Have A Sick Dog So I Ordered £70 Worth Of Groceries From Morrisons Via Deliveroo. Morrisons Accepted The Order But Canceled Almost Every Item. And I Got An Onion”

“The Cake That Was Ordered And The Cake That Arrived”

“BFF Got This Bear Hat For My Cat To Recreate An Adorable Instagram Post She Saw”

“My GF Ordered Some Ankle Weights For Running And Somehow Got Sent This Instead… Trying To Convince Her To Just Go Out Running With The Hammer”

“After Seeing The Pic Of My Nephew In His New Christmas Gift My SO Thinks He “Might Have Ordered The Wrong Size””

“Thought My Amazon App Was Frozen, Guess Not”

“I Ordered A Seinfeld Shirt From China And Not Only It Has “Friends” Printed On It But It Also Has R Letter Missing”

“GameStop Sent Me 4 Controllers Instead Of Just The 1 I Ordered”

“I Purchased A Wallace Mug To Go With My Gromit Mug. Unbeknown To Me, I Had Ordered A Comically Small Mini-Mug”

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