40+ Home Improvements That Failed Miserably

“A Driveway Crew Was Pouring Concrete At A New House Next To A Duck Pond. They Went To Lunch And Came Back To This”

“My Dad Isn’t So Great At Remodeling, So I Turned His Work Into A Work Of Art”

“We Just Moved Into A Brand New House, Painters Came By To Touch Up Some Walls Upstairs. This Poor Guy Fell Down The Whole Staircase With A Full 5 Gallon Bucket Of Paint”

“Fixing A Toilet Leak. I Took 2 Trips To Home Depot, Worked With A Hernia, Had A Hard Time Putting The Wax Ring And Screws On”

“I’ve Heard Of “Painting Yourself Into A Corner” But My Wife Took It A Step Further. I Don’t Even Know”

“What Happens When You’re Renovating And Remove A Load-Bearing Wall”

“My Father Forgot To Tell Me The Renovations Would Be Taking The Stairs Out Today”

“I’m Doing Renovations And My Roomba Found A Tiny Piece Of Sheetrock”

“We Just Finished The Construction Of Our Yurt. The Fireplace Was Not Correctly Installed”

“A Couple Years Ago, My Neighbor Decided To Paint His House Bright Orange… Then Gave Up Halfway Through”

“Saw This On Facebook With Someone Asking For A Contractor”

“What Could Go Wrong If My Neighbor Uses The Longest Possible Drill Out There?”

“I Picked The Ladder Up Forgetting The Paint Was On Top”

“Lockdown Renovations Look So Easy On Instagram”

“My Mom’s Garage Is Being Renovated. I Think It’s Pretty Obvious That They Have 3 Dogs”

“My Mom Had Her Guest Bathroom Remodeled While She Was Out Of Town”

“She wanted the shower head up high so tall people didn’t have to crouch or lean way back. Came home to find this, which shoots the water straight across to the opposite wall”

“This Is Why You Don’t Hire Contractors Who Secure Cabinets To Dry Wall Only. Thousands In Damage Last Night”

“I May Have Used Too Much Spray Foam Insulation To Fill A Hole On The Other Side Of This Wall”

“My Lovely Wife Bought A New Screen And A Cat Door To Go In It. Took A Few Hours And She Was So So Proud Of Herself”

“GF And I Have Covid. Heater Went Out, Technician Can’t Come Out Due To Quarantine. Decided To Try And Fix It Myself. Tripped Over A Pipe And Fell Through The Ceiling”

“”That’s Not Going To Hold Without A Stud,” My SO Said. “Don’t Worry,” I Replied. “I’ve Got Half Inch Toggle Bolts””

“New Neighbors Painted Their Fence Yesterday, Now Our Car Looks Like This. All Over”

“True Story: So I Tried To Open The Door To See How The Installation Was Going. Tried”

“Was Going To Paint Today And Found This Surprise”

“We Got Our Doors Painted During A Remodel And The Painters Forgot To Put The Plastic Covering On The Ground”

“Contractor Got Angry And Left The Job When We Asked Him To Use The Spacers We Bought For The Backsplash”

“Having My Bathroom Remodeled And They Installed My Shower At Less Than Knee Height”

“I Mean, You Could’ve Rotated The Toilet, But Whatever”

“I Installed My Own Microwave Today And Saved $150 In Install Fees”

“Someone Installed A Projector With 40+ Cm (15+ Inches) Screws Up To My Apartment. And As It Wasn’t Bad Enough, I Have To Pay For The Floor”

“Fiancé Was Being Thoughtful And Taking The Paint Cans To The Basement. Turns Out He Tried To Carry Too Much At Once (Also We Just Bought This House)”

“Got Funky While Building My First Staircase”

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