40 Interesting And Rare Photos From The Past

“An Indian Woman, A Japanese Woman, And A Syrian Woman, All Training To Be Doctors At Women’s Medical College Of Philadelphia”

“Summer Solstice Celebration, Stockholm, Sweden, 1970”

“Newlyweds Ride A Train Headed To Tokyo, Japan, 1964. Photo By Bill Ray”

“Albert Einstein Before His Famous Photo With His Tongue Out”

“A Man Stops To Watch A Woman Tie Her Sandals In Portofino Marina, August 1977. Photo By Slim Aarons”

“A Man Stops To Watch A Woman Tie Her Sandals In Portofino Marina, August 1977. Photo By Slim Aarons”

“John & Yoko Waiting For The Maid To Make The Bed So They Can Continue Protesting The System”

“A Couple Making A Point About Smog And The Environment, 1970. Photo By H. Armstrong”

“Audrey With Her Hair Down”

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“Burlesque Dancer Miss Zorita Walking Her Snake, 1940s”

“Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage”

“James Dean Signing Autographs In His Car, 1950’s”

“Jumping The Puddle, Berlin, 1930.”

“New York City Ballet, 1940.”

“Young Couples At A Formal Dance Dreamily Sway On The Crowded Floor Of Dim, Chandelier-Lit Ballroom, 1940s.”

“San Francisco’s Lombard Street In 1975”

“A French Soldier Feeding His Kitten, Indochina 1956”

“3 Year Old Kisses A Puppy, 1950”

“Diana Ross Finishing A Rib, 1980s”

“A Veterinarian, Inspecting An Early Prototype Of The Internet In The 1950’s”

“Fan Takes Selfie With Elvis Presley. 1960s”

“1950s Teenagers Going On A Date”

“View Of The Pyramids During A Solar Eclipse, August 30, 1905. Photo: Gabriel Lekegian”

“A California Teacher Teaching The Physics Of Surfing, 1970”

“Norman Parkinson Photograph Of Two People Running Up A Street In New York City In 1960”

“David Bowie, Paris, June 1977. Photo By Christian Simonpiétri”

“Audrey Hepburn, Paris, 1956”

“Evolution Of The Donut Hole”

“Thames Swan Shares A Treat, 1958”

“An Exhausted Young Couple During An All-Night Jazz Session At The Royal Albert Hall In London, 1957. Photo By Erich Auerbach”

“Marilyn Monroe, Startled By A Firecracker, Opens The Time-Life Building In New York, 1957”

“Bonnie And Clyde’s Last Kiss A Few Hours Before They Were Killed, May 23, 1934”

“Sharon Tate Wearing A Pink Top And Headband, 1968”

“Couple On Beach, Coney Island, 1947.”

“On The Observation Deck Of The Empire State Building, New York, Mid-1940’s”

“A Young Man Helping His Date Into Her Skating Kit, Tokyo, 1959. Photograph By John Dominis”

“Love In Time Of War, 1944”

“Woodstock ’69”

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