40+ Interesting Historical Photos

“Making The Titanic’s Anchor Chain At Hingley & Sons, 1909”

“Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania. Built In The 14th Century And Restored In The 1950s-1960s”

“Two Women Working As Ice Deliverers Carry A Large Block Of Ice. September 1918”

“A Chippewa Indian Named John Smith Who Lived In The Woods Near Cass Lake, Minnesota Claimed To Be 137 Years Old Before He Died In 1922. Photo Taken In 1915”

“A Fake Rooftop Suburb That Hid A Whole Wwii Airplane Factory Underneath, 1944”

“Berlin, Germany, 1985-2018”

“Barcelona, Spain In 1906. Sagrada Familia Basilica In An Early Stages Of Construction”

“A Couple Of Victorian Travellers, 1890s”

“Newcastle Castle, UK – 1895 To 2022”

“A Statue Of Anubis In Tutankhamuns Tomb, Taken During Carter Expedition (Photo Taken In 1922)”

“New Parents Of Quadruplets, Late 1880s”

“College Dorm Room In 1910 (University Of Illinois)”

“Log Driving In Glens Falls, New York, 1907”

“Stoney First Nation Member, Samson Beaver With His Wife Leah And Their Daughter Frances Louise, 1907”

“An American Serviceman Shares His Rations With Two Japanese Children In Okinawa, 1945”

“A Roman Mosaic Depicting A Fish. 1st Century CE”

“1945: The Day Daddy Came Home. Gunner Hector Murdoch Had Been Gone Over Four Years, Most Of It As A Prisoner Of War In Singapore. His Wife Rosina And Son John Hadn’t Known If He Was Dead Or Alive. He Got Home On His Birthday”

“The Great North Dakota Blizzard, 1966”

“Four Generations, Circa 1905”

“Community Grocery Store Owner, Harlem, New York, 1940”

“Remember That Photo Of The Construction Workers Having Lunch On A Unfinished New York Skyscraper? Well Here’s The Photographer Charles Ebbets. 9/20/1932”

“2,200-Year-Old Hellenistic Theatre In Laodicea, Southwestern Turkey, After Recent Excavation”

“Mailman Poses With His Heavy Load Of Christmas Mail And Parcels. Chicago, USA. 1929. Colorized”

“Inuit Man Warms His Wife’s Feet. Greenland, 1890’s”

“Children Cross The River Using Pulleys On Their Way To School, 1959, Italy”

“William Harley And Arthur Davidson, 1914”

“A Mother With Her Children, 1,800 Years Ago. Alexandria, Roman Egypt”

“Behind The Scenes Photos From The Making Of The First Godzilla Movie, 1954”

“A Motor Home In 1922”

“May 1922: 78-Year-Old Robert T. Lincoln (Son Of Abraham Lincoln) Is Helped Up The Steps At The Dedication Of The Lincoln Memorial In Washington D.C”

“A Boy And His Owl, 1933”

“Piano Designed For People Confined To Bedrest. UK, 1935”

“Ceramic Water Pipes Found Near Epang Palace. China. From The 5th-3rd Century BC”

“Mother Teaching Children Numbers And Alphabet In Home Of Sharecropper. Transylvania, Louisiana. Jan. 1939”

“Children Playing On Playground Equipment In Dallas, Texas, 1900”

“Woman Wiring An Early Ibm Computer Taken By Berenice Abbott In 1948”

“An Immigrant Family Arriving At Ellis Island In 1904”

“Inside Of A Railroad Car Made By The Pullman Company, 1890s”

“Ashtrays And Coin-Operated Televisions In The Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Terminal, 1969”

“The Creation Of The Recycling Logo By G. Anderson. He Was 23 At The Time, 1970”

“Samurai Helmet Made By Famous Japanese Metalsmith Myochin Nobuie, 1525”

“1946 vs. 2021 – Poznań, Poland”

“The Swedish Warship Vasa. It Sank In 1628 Less Than A Mile Into Its Maiden Voyage And Was Recovered From The Sea Floor After 333 Years Almost Completely Intact. Now Housed At The Vasa Museum In Stockholm”

“Serving A Snack On Scandinavian Airlines Flight, 1969”

“Residents Of West Berlin Show Their Children To Their Grandparents Living In East Berlin, 1961”

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