40 People Share On The Internet Their Masterpieces

“I made a literary quote clock out of an old Kindle – it tells the time entirely with real book quotes”

“Made a backyard office during Covid thanks to YouTube”

“I made the scariest rug ever”

“I made a sunset cloud pendant!”

“Needle felted fruit bat, one of my most recent woolen miniatures :)”

“Been wanting to do this guy for a while and I think it’s my favorite piece of glass I’ve done so far.”

“I made this 14k rose gold engagement ring, with a lab-grown diamond and two Fair Trade purple sapphires!”

“Real dandelion epoxy resin pendant”

“I made a mimic chest from a Terry Pratchett book as a gift for our D&D Dungeon Master”

“I made a 1975 Lincoln Continental out of paper. All drawn and designed by hand. It even has rolling wheels!”

“VW Loft beds I made for my daughters”

“Warehouse me and my buddy made over a few weekends.”

“Ivy Handmade Gourd Lamp”

“Beaded tree made by my mom. Now my room is filled with autumn colors”

“Hi there! This is one of my very first grimoire that I did with polymer clay, acrylic paint and glass”

“Paper crane lamp”

“My working miniature Candle lantern”

“Brooches. Mushroom skulls made of resin and toadstools”

“I made snake keychain”

“My craft is making Crystal crowns and other crystal jewelry!”

“Gold plated cobra coffee spoon”

“My decor for the nursery. A air balloon from a lampshade for a lamp.”

“Castle Gustie, Me, Acrylics”

Source: www.reddit.com

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