40 People That Found The Best Foods

Found A Wizard In My Gummy Bear Pack

This Incredible Carrot Hand Was Found While Digging Juice Carrots At Our Farm Today

My Nonna Wanted Me To Post This On The Internet So That “Everyone In Italy Can See How Big My Tomatoes Have Gotten”


I For One Welcome Our Mutant Carrot Overlords

This Pearl I Found In An Oyster I Was Eating

Today’s Clementine Had An Almost Perfect Mini Clementine Inside

These Gummy Bears Came Stuck Together In The Bag

The Way My Cheese Melted On My Burger

That’s A One Big Squash

I Had A Quadruple Mini Banana This Morning

This Nearly 2 Kg Avocado From My Grandmother’s Place

My Friend Grew A Gigantic Cabbage In His Garden

Absolute Unit Of A Collard Green

This Giant Clove Of Garlic

Daughter Found The Largest Blackberry I’ve Ever Seen

One Of Our Chickens Laid A Really Big Egg Today

This Apple, Which Has An Apple Growing Out Of It

These Huge Blueberries I Found

I Found A Triple Banana

This Absolute Unit Of A Lemon My Girlfriend Grew (Regular Sized Lemon For Reference)

Harvested My Zuccini. Happy Gardening

My Popsicle Has An Entire Oreo Cookie Inside

I Opened A Yogurt With No Yogurt On The Lid

This Extra Large Chocolate Chip

I Found A Single Piece Of Bicycle Shaped Pasta In My Penne

This Grape That Looks Like A Pumpkin

My Grape Is Long

My School Gave Me One Long French Fry For Lunch

Absolute Unit Of A Grape Branch

My 61g Pack Of Skittles Is Crammed Full And Actually Weighs 103g

This Is Like A Monster Of Some Sort

This Absolutely Massive Piece Of Chocolate I Poured Out Of This Special K Box

Mushroom My Dad Found In The Forest. Egg For Scale

A Friend Found A Very Long Cheerio

My Dad Just Discovered This Enormous Sweet Potato That Had Been Growing On The Side Of Our House

This Garlic I Found In My Garden. The Entire Head Is One Clove

A Giant Cabbage

This Is A Four-Foot-Long Tromboncino Squash

Got A Vitamin Water With Zero Air In It. Just Pure Beverage

There Was A Tiny Hamburger Bun Embedded Into My Full Size Hamburger Bun

This Ridiculous, Nearly Five Pound Lobster Claw

I Opened A “Fruit By The Foot” And There Were 2 In The Package

3 Bananas In 1 Banana

This Giant Carrot Made My Day

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