40+ People Who Experienced An Unfortunate Day

This poor employee who explained that the soap dispenser at work was always empty, so another employee wrote “fill me, you cheapskates” on it…and management removed the soap dispenser altogether:

This person, who was really looking forward to having some pad Thai for lunch, but SURPRISE, they actually got lasagna:

This person who was looking forward to the fancy ~woo we made it through the conference!~ dinner with their colleagues and was given this as their vegan-friendly dinner:

This student who got a ZERO on their paper for *checks notes* not stapling it:

The poor parent who has to figure out how “fin” starts with the letter “N” on their kid’s homework:

This person, who bought a knife sharpener, but…….their knife is too dull to open the packaging:

“One of the cashiers at my job accepted this money from a customer.”

“I’ve done this to about 6 chargers this year.”

“I ordered melty 3-cheese loaded tots.”

“My cat was being too quiet, now I know why.”

“The server left kind messages on our drinks. I feel like mine’s missing something.”

“Halloween platter expectation vs reality”

“Was untying my shoe with an earbud hanging out. It doesn’t work anymore.”

“I bought my kid a drone for Christmas, but the wife doesn’t love it.”

’’My friend’s water froze in his trailer home while he was away during Christmas.’’

“Remember this when considering doing your makeup in the car.”

’’Accidentally simmered the absorbent pad when making homemade chicken broth. Everything has to go in the trash.’’

’’My boot fell apart in the middle of a long hike in the snow!’’

“A carefree walk in the sun sometimes comes with an unexpected memento.”

“Just when you think your day can’t get any more bizarre…”

’’Turned on the wrong burner making dinner. RIP brownies.’’

’’In the middle of the night, I apparently thought this was my earbuds case.’’

’’Dude, where’s my car? Lake Tahoe, 2023’’

’’I spilled 50,000 2-mm glass beads on the ground and I now have to sort them by hand.’’

’’Someone left their phone in a public bathroom stall.’’

’’Middle of the work day and this decides to happen.’’

’’Opened a can of beans to find no beans at all.’’

’’I’m really trying not to read too much into this.’’

“My cutting board delivered with a small defect”

“My neighbor got drunk and drove through fresh concrete.”

“Well.. Dish soap is not meant for the dishwasher I guess”

“Fantastic, how’s your day going?”

“Sh#t. I was wondering why it wasn’t sanding evenly…”

“My New Screen Protector came in Today! Finally!”

“We got that indoor swimming pool we never wanted.”

“Went to the alley for a little bit of practice. I guess I’ll go home now.”

“Just got home from the psych ward. Their parting gift was a sticker on my phone case that won’t come off.”

This person who forgot to change their registration tags, so their homeowners association thought it would be a perfect idea to put a sticker?? on their window??:

This person, who checked into their hotel room only to learn that using the mini fridge inside their room will be a whopping $50:

“Our poor boy Michael, who started a new job, was given a uniform with his name spelled wrong, and was told that if he wanted it spelled correctly, he’d have to pay for it:”

This person, who went to the ER for a rabies shot after getting bitten by an unfamiliar dog (aka what you’re supposed to do) and was basically told “no <3 come back if you do have rabies though!”:

This person, who got a ticket for “parking on the grass”:

This person, who bought “extra cookie” cookies and cream ice cream and got………….this:

Source: www.reddit.com

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