40 Personal Stories Of Terribly Bad Days Shared By People

Brace yourself for an empathetic exploration of the human spirit as you navigate through these personal tales of adversity and perseverance.

“Dog decided to bust through my bedroom door like the Kool-Aid man while I was at work.”

“Was enjoying a cup of coffee until..”

“This pizza i got from little caesars.”

“Reserved a suite months ago for a San Diego vacation, only to find out during check-in that the pool and spa are closed for renovation.”

“Drove 4 hours on rough roads to get to this spot I’ve always wanted to fish. Discovered I left my fly box at home. FML.”

“Groundhog, who I’m literally friends with, ate my fuel line.”

“New tires. Went to workout and came back to this.”

“My friend jokingly jumped on the hood of my car and put a big dent in it”

“Bought a 80$ monitor without checking the size”

“Was going to get some late night water. thought it tasted a little funny. turned on my lights to see this”

“I ordered french toast with “fresh strawberries”

“Sh#t, I just wanted a glass of milk.”

“I broke both my feet last night.”

“Dropped all the booze I mixed for my roommate’s going away.”

“My boyfriend works for a Darden owned restaurant. Him and a coworker tied for 3rd place on server rankings and each got some scratch off tickets for a chance to win free food. This is what was revealed.”

“35lb beagle ate the carrot cake I made. With cream cheese frosting. This is all that remains. RIP carrot cake.”

“Instant Pot pulled pork explosion in our brand new kitchen”

“My very enthusiastic dog ate my contacts and head-butted me all in the same day”

“When you book a fun place to stay, but the toilet is in the middle of the bedroom.”

“Breakfast, one of the best parts of camping, but then my brother dropped the bacon. Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”

“A friend of mine booked urban company for ac repairs, now she doesn’t have a home and the company says it wasn’t their fault.”

“My mcDonalds cup split in half when I put it in the cupholder”

“Moved into a new home 5 days ago and also got a few new roommates”

“Today my upstair’s neighbour forgot to close his bathroom sink, my appartment flooded because of it.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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