40+ Photos Of Pretty Weird Dishes

“Earlier This Year I Made Carrot Hot Dogs And The Percentage Of People Who Hate Me With Every Fibre Of Their Body Drastically Increased”

“I Hope Whoever Made This Goes To Hell”

“I’m Oddly Curious, But Still Scared”

“I Had To See This So Now You Do Too”

“Went To My In-Laws For Dinner And This Is The Chicken They Served”

“It’s A Cube. It’s A Burger. Introducing The Burger Cube”

“Pasta In A Jar. Thanks I Hate It”

“Bone In Buffalo Wing Pizza”

“I Feel Like Posting US Military Rations Should Be Cheating, But Here’s Some Tuna And Corn Pizza And “Wings””

“Satsuma Japanese A5 Wagyu Cheese Steak, With Whiz”

“Mountain Dew Dorito Cheesecake. Its Not That Bad”

“Pizza In A Cone”

“Four Patties And The ‘No Sugar’ Make This Stupid. Pretty, Yet Stupid”

“Wasting 1/3 Of The Pizza For A Cup Of Fettucini”

“French Toast, But Disgusting”

“Does My “Dessert Turkey” I Made For Thanksgiving Years Ago Count As Stupid?”

“Is It Stupid? Yes. Would I Eat It? Yes”

“None Of This Is Acceptable. It Was Dead On Arrival”

“The Caption Was “Healthy Eating For The Win””

“It Starts Off So Well… Then Onion Stupidity”

“Hotdog Tower”

“I Made Pizza Where Every Ingredient Is Gum”

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