40 Photos Of Some Funny Situations

“I think I need to find a new barber.”

“Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home.”

“And this is why you check the size of the rice cooker before hitting the buy button (banana for scale.)”

“My 4-year-old is clearly a master of hide and seek.”

“I knew exactly which house he meant.

“A neighbor kept their Halloween decor up and turned it into a heartwarming holiday scene.”

“My cousins have Alopecia Universalis and an excellent sense of humor.”


“My dentist has jokes.”


“It’s my birthday today, and we only had ‘thank you’ cards in the house. My fiancé made this…”

“This is quite the grumpy pole at my university.”

“My coworker’s motivational strip on his computer.”

”This cat is obsessed with shrimp. She makes this face whenever there is shrimp on the table.”

“My son’s journal entry today”

“This sign I found in a public restroom”

“My 6-year-old brought this home yesterday. ’Sckrl’ really did it for me.”

“I cackle every time I see this picture. Can’t tell whose face tickles me more!”

“My wife got told, ’No pictures,’ by a monkey.”

“My mother ordered a soap dispenser from Amazon and this was the warranty information.”

“This rear windshield wiper.”

“I think my scale is trying to tell me something.”


“This is the last time I let you talk me into this!”

“Celebrating my first divorceversary and the office girls bought me a cake.”

“My mom asked if I wanted to see her melon.”

“My daughter, after realizing her 4th birthday is tomorrow and not today.”

“Restaurant asked if we were celebrating anything special.”

“The wedded bliss on dad’s face”

“Got here just in time! Nearly got locked in!”

“Celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family when suddenly…”

“This is why I am single.”

“Discount joker”

“During the bathroom remodel, we placed this skeleton in the wall for future owners to find.”


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