40 Photos Prove That Nature Can Be Very Surprising

“A giant bird surprised a man with its company.”

“This massive beet”

“Mother Nature locked me out of my office.”

“This tree looks like a squirrel with raised hands.”

“The frog is stretching.”

“The tree is covered with mushrooms.”

“This heirloom tomato from my garden”

“Some mushrooms are so vibrant that they look borderline artificial.”

“This piece of natural driftwood with a skull on the front”

“2 for the price of 1!”

“Smiling insect eggs on my laundry”

“Nature taking over the chair”

“I came across a cicada freshly emerged from its shell.”

“This perfect waterfall”

“That pinecone looks like a bird.”

“I found this lion’s mane fungus on a hike today in central Massachusetts.”

“I can do this with my ear.”

“Canaries with natural wigs”

“Walking Mesquite in the Sonoran Desert”

“Exotic, beautiful, and rare Patagonian crater agate only found in Argentina!”

“A Jewel Caterpillar”

“A moth that looks like a cuddly toy.”

“Pinecone with mushrooms growing from it”

“Really cool grasshopper”

“This blackberry my sister found is in the shape of a heart.”

“A tree takes over an old building in Croatia.”

“A leaf I found on my walk today.”

“This butterfly orchid flower with a face on it.”

“I found this puffball mushroom on the North Shore of Massachusetts. It’s about the size of a cherry tomato.”

“This tree looks like it has a baby growing out of it. It’s not a doll, I checked.”

“I couldn’t believe the leaf sheep sea slug is actually a real animal.”

“The Triop shrimp can breathe through its feet and it is older than the dinosaurs.”

“White fallow deer I found today in Bavaria”

“Nature is always amazing…”

“Found some crystal formations on some long-forgotten sorbet’s lid.”

“I found this heart-shaped potato in my garden.”

“This broken branch that looks like a dragon.”

“This tree looks like it has a face, spotted in Alpine, CA.”

“Near perfect reflection on the lake from my hike the other day”

“This flamelike mushroom I found in the woods.”

“I thought a lava tube qualifies as lit.”

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