40+ Photos Show That Urban Hell Is All Around Us

Taroconte, Canary Islands, Spain

“Newly Built Kid’s Playground In Trebišov, Slovakia”

“Cairo, Egypt – Wonderful City With Terrible Air Pollution”

Penchala Interchange, Kuala Lumpur (Repost)

“Driving To Huaguoyuan, Guiyang, China”

Alexandria Egypt

Concrete Island, Hashima, Japan

Portland, Oregon

“Being The Most Sparsely Populated Country In The World But Still Building Concrete Jungle Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia”

North Korea, Keasong

“Identical Single-Family Mcmansions”

Tong Lau, Hong Kong

“Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – More Than 60% Of The Population Do Not Have Plumbing. Instead Rely On Outhouse Toilets & Communal Wells For Fresh Water. Hardly Any Paved Roads With Stray Dogs Lurking Around”

“Mumbai, India. The Divide Between The Richest People In India vs. One Of The Poorest. Extreme Wealth Inequality On Display”

Mumbai, India

“30 People Getting Coffee vs. 30 People Enjoying Coffe”

“Residential Block In Hong Kong”

“View From My Hotel – Tangshan China, Birth Of The Chinese Coal Industry!”

“Vegas, Minus The Neon Glow”

“Los Angeles Train Tracks Not Much Better Than India”

“Cherepovets, Russia”

Los Angeles

“This Is The Longest Traffic Jam Ever Recorded. The China National Highway 110 Was Clogged Up For 100 Kms For 10 Days”

“A Train Engine Passing Through The Bandra Station Tracks Of Mumbai, India”

“Urban Hell In The Making”


“Three Socioeconomic Classes In The Philippines”

“Phayathai, Bangkok, Thailand”

“American Cookie Cutter Suburb: Autocentric, Boring, Dystopian, Void Of Soul, Void Of Culture, Void Of Happiness”

“Slums Of Manila”

“”Progress” Is Not Always A Good Thing”

Dhaka Bangladesh

Alleyway In India

“Severe Pollution In Delhi NCR, Pictures From Today And September 2022”

“Gurugram, India. Aqi Over 400 Because Of Farm Fires”

Mumbai (Bombay)

“Falling Asleep, Bangladesh. A Large Number Of Homeless People In Dhaka, Bangladesh Have Lost Their Property Due To Natural Disasters. For Them, An Asphalt Street Is The Best They Can Hope For, Otherwise They Have To Sleep On Plastic Trash”

“A Playground In Tokyo”

Dubai, Uae. 1985 vs. 2016

“Was Talking To My Wife About Bakersfield, Ca And Did A Google Image Search…holy Hell”

“Pyongyang (North Korea) In 1992, Two Years Before A Famine That Killed Up To 15% Of The Country’s Population”


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