40 Photos Show The Amazing World Of Sculptures

a collection of the most inventive sculptures and notable statues from throughout the world Some are antiques, while others are contemporary works of art, but they are all extremely inventive and motivating.

Johnson Tsang, Ceramic

Marie Cohydon

Taiichiro Yoshida

Artist: Brian Mock, Welded Metal Sculpture

Diana Beltrán Herrera

Warren King, Cardboard Sculpture

Sabin Howard

Artist: Anton Smit

Joan Coderch & Javier Malavia

Artist: Jason Decaires Taylor, Museum Of Underwater Sculpture

Matthew Chambers, Ceramic

“Black Maiden In Veil Of Midnight”, 2022, Morel Doucet, Slip-Casted White Earthenware

Artist: Willy Verginer, Wood Sculpture

Bruno Walpoth, Wood Sculpture

Leah Jeffrey, Scrap Metal Sculpture

Artist: Matthew Simmonds, Rock Carving

Gaku, Broccoli Carving

Zhanna Martin

Mitchell Grafton

Fanni Sandor

Christopher Guinet

Matt Buckley

Daniele Barresi

Paola Grizi

Chris Maynard, Cut Feather

Artist, Ostinelli & Priest, Ceramic

Alex Chinneck

Lee Sangsoo

Artist: Hans Op De Beeck

Vaishali & Naya, Miniature Paper Sculpture

Christopher Robin Nordstrom, Miniature Japanese Building

Anna Nazarenko

Nichola Theakston, Ceramic

Ikuo Inada, Wooden Sculpture

Johnson Tsang, Ceramic

Artist: Daniel Popper

Joan Coderch & Javier Malavia

Artist: Gerard Mas

Wilfried Grootens

Source: www.facebook.com

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