40+ Photos Show What’s Happening In Canada Meanwhile

“A Copy Of The Bill We Got When Our Daughter Was Born In Canada”

“Montreal Botanical Garden – Canada”

“The Service Dog Bathroom At The Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Airport”

“People Are Awesome – Spotted At Union Station In Toronto, Canada”

“In My Part Of Canada We Have A Winter Festival In February Called The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous”

“TIL A Grocery Store In Canada Was Left Unlocked And Unattended On A National Holiday”

“The only thing taken was cherry tomatoes, for which a person left $5 at the checkout. The person actually overpaid.”

“Canada’s Minister Of Defence Harjit Sajjan In Line For Groceries Like An Average Dude”

“The Colors At Algonquin This Weekend Were Amazing”

“With Everything Going On Involving The US Supreme Court, Here Is Your Friendly Reminder That Our Supreme Court Is Made Up Of Nine Very Qualified Santa Clauses”

“Starlink Works Great Until The Cats Find Out That The Dish Gives Off A Little Heat On Cold Days”

“This Is Where I’d Spend My Money (Seen In Ontario, Canada)”

“Walked Right Up To Us. BC, Canada”

“Light Pillars In Saskatchewan, Canada”

“A&w Released A Lidless Compostable Coffee Cup In Toronto”

“Like Walking On Another Planet. Mesmerized By The Beauty Of The Tidal Pools At Botanical Beach”

“There Are Places In Canada That Have Bridges For Animals To Cross Over Busy Roads”

“You Can See Mount Rainier From Canada, But Because Of The Earth’s Curvature You Can Only See The Tip”

“Canada Post Location In Vancouver Has A Fitting Room. “Try It On Here. Is Your Online Purchase Right For You? If Not, We Can Help You Return It””

“Traffic Lights In Prince Edward Island In Canada Are Different Shapes For Colour Blind People”

“The Bank Of Canada Are Asking Citizens To Stop “Spockifying” The 5$ Bills As A Tribute”

“Cake Dispenser In Toronto”

“Silly Walks Are Encouraged In Ottawa”

“In Canada, Cars From The Northwest Territories Have A Polar Bear Shaped License Plates”

“World’s Largest Snow Maze. Manitoba, Canada”

“How To Spot The Canadians On Campus”

“I Made Two Feet Of Snow Standing On A Lake In Northern Ontario. An Hour Later, 5 Deers Walked Over And Gave Them A Sniff”

“I Got Up In A Helicopter Today Over Lac-Blanc In Quebec. The Fall Colors Were Truly Something Else”

“No Name Is The Gem Of Canada. Every Product Is So Unbelievably Ominous I Really Laugh My @$$ Off Every Time I Go Shopping”

“I Don’t Know How People From Other Countries Keep Their Beers Cold, But Here In Canada”

“This Guy In Canada Has A Whole Facebook Page Where He Posts Videos And Pictures He Takes Of Beavers In His City Everyday”

“A Witch Paddle In Vancouver, British Columbia. With 40 Lovely Witches”

“The Longest Undefended Border In The World. On The Left Is Canada And Right, The USA”

“Pic Of Ramen Noodles At -30: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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