40 Poignant And Fascinating Photos

“The concept of light pollution is crazy.”

“Rio de Janeiro before and after.”

“It’s amazing to see how far tech has improved.”

“Lago Vista 3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home, Texas.”

“This is a quilt that my mom designed and handmade me. Look at all the stitching!”

“Paparazzi taking pictures of Bill Clinton’s cat, 1992.”

“Someone placed a decorated Christmas tree on a 11m high statue, nobody know who and how they did it. – Terneuzen, The Netherlands.”

“Solar System Lollipops”

“The abdominal skin of some Glass frogs is transparent and you can see their organs.”


“The snow on this fence.”

“Saturn’s moon Iapetus resembles the Death Star.”

“Last time these two planets were this close to each other Galileo was alive!”

“Northern Maine School Bus, 1930”

“This is the end of the Great Wall of China.”

“Central Park in New York during the winter.”

“A Roman toddler’s footprint in a red clay tile, imprinted as it was drying ~2000 years ago. Vaison-la-Romaine (ancient Vasio Vocontiorum)”

“The small black dot is Mercury in front of the Sun.”

“I captured the Terminator Nebula from my backyard telescope!”

“Salt grains using electron microscopy.”

“To protect works of art from rodents, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg “employs” about 70 cats. Cats live in the basement of the museum and “work” there. Museum staff take care of them: the museum even has a small kitchen for preparing food for cats and a veterinary office.”

“Danish artist Thomas Dambo makes wood sculptures in nature from recycled materials. With every piece is a poem placard that gives hints on where to find the next sculpture.”

“”Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh drawn on a grain of rice.”

“Clearing snow from the rooftops in the Alps.”

“Ebisu East Gallery In Shibuya, Tokyo.”

“Close-up of Pluto.”

“One of Stalin’s pipes, depicting him and FDR playing chess. It was given to him in 1945 by the visiting US chess team.”

“You need to be fast to eat your breakfast over there.”

“Crescent Moon over Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.”

“This tree in my city has lights on every branch.. it’s hypnotizing in person.”

“Restaurant on top of the World Trade Center -1980s.”

“Did you know all spiders have paws.”

“Plymouth Voyager III (1989) concept van.”

“Christmas lights at Shannon airport Ireland.”

“The 1918 Tankgewher. The world’s first anti-tank gun.”

“The source of the Cetina river which is nearly 150m deep, Croatia.”

“Rose Quartz Sink”

“How The Movie ‘Elf’ Was Filmed.”

“A Racoon Dog – despite it’s name, is closely related to foxes.”

“An original 1930s Shell Gas Station in Winston-Salem, NC.”

“I ran across this firepit at Camp Coeur d’Alene in Idaho.”

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