40 Products That Are Guaranteed To Bring A Smile To Your Face With Their Results

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant because it’s top-rated for providing awesome results in smoothing and clearing skin. It’s got over 36,000 5-star reviews and (thankfully) comes in a 1-ounce mini version too!

LilyAna Naturals’ eye cream that can help you hide how tired you really are after such a long week. The rose hip and hibiscus-infused eye cream helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, leaving your eyes to look bright and wide (or alert and awake).

A reusable exfoliating Japanese towel if you need an easy, relaxing way to remove dead skin and soothe skin conditions like eczema or keratosis pilaris. Use the towel in the shower to reveal super soft and super clean skin when you step out.

Miracle-Gro plant food spikes for when your plants are in that struggling stage. They literally feed your plants for you — it doesn’t get any easier than that.

A jar of the bestselling Pink Stuff for those hard-to-get stains, dirt, and rust spots around the house. It works for everything from bathtubs and stove tops to tennis shoes and crayon-covered walls.

A wood polish and conditioner to restore your furniture, kitchen cabinets, or the cool vintage coffee table you found at a flea market. It’s like getting all new things without the expensive price tag.

A teeth-whitening pen because it’s easier and way less annoying than the strips you have to leave on for 30+ minutes. With this pen, all you need to do is twist out the whitening gel, brush it along your top and bottom row of teeth, and you’re done.

A scalp massager made to cleanse and exfoliate your scalp. The soft, thick bristles feel SO relaxing and are designed to stimulate blood flow and remove dead skin, dried shampoo, and other unwanted stuff on your scalp.

TruSkin Naturals vitamin C serum, an easy and cruelty-free way to give you skin everything it needs to be brighter and softer. This serum leaves skin moisturized and can help dramatically fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

A Braun epilator because it takes hair removal to a new level by removing it at the root so it last for several weeks, not just two or three days. It has massage rollers and two speed settings for customizable comfort!

A tube of the bestselling Lash Princess mascara for dramatically long lashes without the price of extensions or false strips. This mascara has over 144,000 5-star reviews for a reason!

A cooktop-cleaning kit to get your electric stove top looking like new again. It comes with everything you need including the cleaning solution, a cleaning pad, and a scraper tool.

A toilet bowl ring remover because *no one* wants to see that every time they use the bathroom. This is a quick, easy, and cheap (!!) way to get the dirty chore done.

A set of Wad-Free pads which can prevent your sheets from tangling in the wash, catching other clothes, and not actually drying. These will save you from having to run the dryer twice.

The Mighty Patch Surface (big brother to the OG pimple patch) to help those pesky zits disappear overnight. These babies are large, so if there’s a huge area that needs attention, you can hit it in one fell swoop. It’s perfect for that *one* area that breaks out the most like your chin or cheeks. Bonus points! They also prevent picking and acne scarring. Simply apply the patch right on top of your pimples in the evening and the rest is history. 

A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets because soap and water is NOT enough to clean bottles and tumblers (sorry to be the bearer of bad news). These will make washing bottles much less of a hassle.

A bottle of SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Care to keep your nails healthy and clean every day of the year. It’s infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E, both of which are extremely beneficial for your nails! 💅

A foot exfoliation mask that peels away dead skin, calluses, and buildup for baby-smooth skin. Sign. Me. Up.

A bottle of Folex spot remover to make even the toughest of stains disappear from furniture, carpets, and other fabric surfaces. (And yes, that includes red wine stains, don’t worry.)

A liquid tartar remover that’s basically mouthwash for dogs. It’s especially great for dogs who won’t let a toothbrush near them.

A set of Drill Brushes for those who are finally ready to clean out all of the grout in tiles, stoves, countertops, grills, and even gutters.

Olaplex’s Bond Maintenance set that’ll provide a salon-like hair treatment right at home. This set comes with conditioner and shampoo — both made to strengthen and nourish your gorgeous locks.

Glisten disposer cleaner to get rid of the nasty grunge and odor-causing buildup from every part of your garbage disposal — blades and walls included! It’s less work for you, and I’ve gotta admit the foaming effect is pretty satisfying to watch, too.

A cable organizer box that’ll hide all those annoying wires and that huge extension cord that’s always in the way.

A bottle of cult-favorite Thayers Facial toner to soothe skin and reduce dark spots. The rose petal ingredient is perfect for those with sensitive skin, too. (Take it from the 16,000+ 5-star reviews.)

A shampoo made specifically to moisturize your scalp and promote hair growth! It includes ingredients like biotin, keratin, and zinc that are known to work wonders for hair.

A black car scratch remover when you want to avoid the auto shop and their high prices. This remover will make the scratch from that one unsuccessful parallel park go away.

A jar of CeraVe moisturizing cream, a fan favorite that uses ceramides and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and treat dry skin. (Not to mention that this huge 19-ounce tube will last forever!)

The Flick Stick’s winged eyeliner stamp because it’ll give you the ~perfect~ cat-eye look in seconds. No need to carve out 15 minutes of your getting-ready routine to create identical, perfectly symmetrical winged liner on your own. This stamp is pretty much a one-and-done type of situation (and I’m here for it).

A leather restoring polish that’ll have your home feeling brand new with all the shiny, restored things laying around. It can be used on everything from furniture to bags and shoes!

A set of satin pillowcases to ensure your hair and skin protection continues while you’re sleeping! With satin, there’s less friction which means no more tangled hair (thank goodness!) and the cooling effect will help you sleep soundly

A Schick Silk Touch-Up Tool that will literally make your skin feel brand new. This set comes with a handy pack of three, making it easy to remove unwanted facial hair, dead skin cells, and shape those brows if you want to as well. Step away from the painful tweezers!

A jewelry-cleaning pen to have your old diamond ring shining bright again. (RiRi would be proud.)

A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets for when you need to deep clean the thing that washes your bowls, utensils, and cookware (among other things) for you. Trust me, it needs it every once in a while!

A suede and leather brush to get rid of those annoying scuffs and salt lines on your shoes, bags, and coats. No, you don’t need to throw out and replace your favorite things with this thing at home!

A gel nail polish kit that comes with everything you’ll need for salon-quality nails right at home. Will you ever want to go back to a real salon? Who knows. But you’ll get nonstop compliments after each new mani. 💅

A jade roller and gua sha set because it’s a simple, easy-to-use beauty tool. The muscle-relaxing, fine line-reducing rose quartz is something that you can use while watching TV, reading, or after your nighttime routine.

A Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer brush that will make ALL the difference when they’re blow-drying their hair, when they’ve just showered and have to rush to class, or are just having a bad hair day. It produces gorgeous blow-out results and works for all hair types!

Sunny & Honey Carpet Miracle cleaner for those stains you’d never thought would come out. Whether it’s food, wine, or just a high-traffic area — this cleaner will give you professional-level results.

Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind concealer that will make those dark circles disappear almost instantly. No more “you look tired” comments over here!

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