40+ Rare And Stunning Photos Show Unexpected Moments And Scenes

“Someone randomly did this with a pair of rubber gloves, some paper-mâché, and a public trash can in my tiny hometown.”

“The cat was mad we weren’t home to feed her dinner, and got back at us by ripping apart a pack of bagels and taking a tiny bite out of each one.”

“Delivery person placed my door mat over my package so that it was ’barely visible’ from the street.”

“I saw a squirrel eating a strawberry off a fork on my way to class.”

“A shower curtain for our irregularly shaped bathroom wall/ceiling”

“Wish I could say ’catch and release’ but they came home with me.”

“I found a whole box of aliens at Goodwill today.”

“My apartment, which was renovated from a jailhouse used in the 1800s”

“There’s one red hair amongst my black hair in my beard.”

“I saw a pool inside a living room today.”

“My daughter got a globe ball with only America on it.”

“While microwaving a potato, my plate broke in an aesthetically pleasing way.”

“This building I’m in has a hole that goes across all the floors.”

“Our fish fingers contained one super long finger.”

“This guy made pants from all the festival hats from previous years.”

“This bird in a backpack with some toys.”

“My leek had a squiggle inside.”

“My girlfriend cuts pizza with scissors.”

“Kittens on the lookout”

“My moldy baked beans look like brains.”

“A wild turkey takes shelter from a sudden rainstorm under our squirrel baffle.”

“A puppy I just rescued. He’s a goober.”

“This woman was so nervous about flying, so the flight attendant explained every sound and bump and even sat here holding her hand when it still got to be too much for her.”

“The smudges on my foyer door window look like a portrait of a man.”

“A broken 2 euro coin found on the street”

Source: brightside.me

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