40 Rare Sights You Don’t Encounter Often

Here are some fascinating things that are uncommon to witness in your daily routine. These are unique and unusual sights that you may not come across frequently in your daily life.

“This glove, which my daughter briefly mistook for our dog”

“A urinal on a ferry boat”

“This metal and totally functional church door in eastern Poland”

“This intricate moss pattern left behind after removing a garage mat”

“My cat has one single long whisker”

“A tin of paint I mixed that looks like a peacock spreading its feathers”

“The YKK Office building in Taiwan looks like a zipper”

“Lizard Footprints on my Laptop”

“Half of my ice is floating while the rest is sinking.”

“My completely finished Vaseline”

“This parking line painted over a crab”

“This whole potato made it into my bag of chips.”

“Box of protein bars I just bought is sealed with a sticker that requires agreeing to terms and agreements before opening it.”

“A HotWheels car for the Blind.”

“The local Staples has a word search to test pens.”

“My hotel room shower has a circular cutout in the glass that lets you turn on the water without getting wet.”

“This preform is how a bottle of soda starts out.”

“My prescription bottle uses the Law & Order font.”

“Amsterdam has urinals out in the open on this public street.”

“Bath in the floor. Hull, UK.”

“This tree that visitors pound coins into for good luck.”

“The hotel I’m at changes the elevator mats throughout the day.”

“This elevator shows you how close it is to its weight limit”

“My local grocery store has free fruits to snack on while you shop”

“A man using a disposable film camera to take pictures at AAA baseball game today”

“Turkish Airlines has a chef onboard”

“Plane seat has an Ethernet port”

“A partial solar eclipse in my town turned the shadows into crescents”

“These picnic benches are mounted on old streetcar tracks so they can roll together or apart”

“McDonald’s in German city in Brazil”

“The back of the Rosetta Stone”

“A wind turbine base before concrete is poured over the rebar and bolt cage.”

“This playground features a Hot wheels track”

“The 7eleven near my place sells oxygen in a can”

“I cut the top off of a strawberry and was left with a near perfect square”

“This leaf looks like Spider-Man”

Source: www.reddit.com

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