40 Real Estate Listings ‘Gone Wild’

“I Bet You Didn’t Wake Up Today And Think You Were Going To Be Moving To Mount Pleasant, Wi But There Is A Frank Lloyd Wright Home There For $725,000 With Your Name On It. 6 Bd, 7 Ba. 4,978 Sq Ft. 3.2 Acres”

“Let’s Just Say, Welcome To The Neighborhood. Brookline, Ma. Currently Listed For $5,298,000. 4 Bd, 4 Ba. 6,896 Sq Ft. .58 Acres”

“One Thing Is For Certain, And That It’s Always Going To Be A Great Time When You Are Invited Over To Steve’s Palace. Currently Listed For $825,000 In Sparks, Nv. 4 Bd, 3 Ba. 3,741 Sq Ft”

“Here Is A Really Cool Home In Christiansburg, Va. Currently Listed At $199,950”

“I Think We Found The Perfect Home For Home. 5 Bd, 3 Ba. 4,018 Sq Ft. 5.5 Acres”

“Every Photo Of This Home In Mount Washington, Pa Is Perfect. Even The Price Is Perfect At $1,699,900 (Lol). 3 Bd, 3 Ba”

“Here Is No Hiding The Surprise For This Home And Every Time I Look At It I And Love It Even More. The Inside Needs Some Work Tho. 3 Bd, 3 Ba. 1,960 Sq Ft”

“Verified When A Listing Starts With “Do You Love Natural Bridge Caverns” You Know It’s Going To Be Great. Currently Listed For $875,000 In San Antonio, Tx. 4 Bd, 3 Ba. 2,745 Sq Ft. 2.56 Acres.”

“This 1870s Historical Home Was Formerly Owned By Elias And Hetty Woodstone, Has A Secret Vault, And Used To Be The Site Of A Revolutionary War Encampment. Bonus: Viking Remains Have Been Found On The Property, As Well As Bears, And Each Year Is A Halloween Lover’s Delight”

“Here’s Your Chance To Finally Own Your Own Island In Addison, Me For $339,000. Per The Listing The “Ledges Surrounding The Island Are Loaded With Seals For Constant Entertainment”. 1 Bed. 540 Sq Ft. 1.5 Acres”

“A Over 7,500 Sq Ft Castle In Jackson, Ms. Currently Listed For $1,475,000 On 2 Acres. 6 Bd, 8 Ba. 7,542 Sq Ft. 2 Acres”

“Verified I Never Knew I Needed This In A Mansion But Here We Are. $14,995,000. 7 Bd, 9 Ba. 10,742 Sq Ft. .79 Acres”

“If This Home Isn’t In The Next Pixar Film I Am Going To Be Very Upset. Also, This Home Sits On 171 Acres Which Per The Listing Includes “Hardwood Forests, Open Meadows, Streams And Ponds”. As Far As I Can Tell There Are Two Other Homes On The Property. $1,975,000 In Jefferson, NY. 4 Bd, 5 Ba. 4,200 Sq Ft”

“Here’s One Of The Most Castley Castles We’ve Ever Seen. Currently Listed For $7,000,000 In Sagle, Id. 3 Bd, 2 Ba. 8,000 Sq Ft. 8.6 Acres”

“Currently Listed For $1,250,000. 2 Bd, 3 Ba. 866 Sq Ft.”

“Currently Listed For $4,250,000. 4 Bd, 5.5 Ba. 6,113 Sq Ft. .51 Acres”

“Here’s Your Chance To Finally Have Your Own Mushroom House. This One Is Known As The Charlevoix Mushroom House, Also Known As The Thatch House In Charlevoix, Mi. Currently Listed For $4,500,000. 10 Bd, 8 Ba. 6,000 Sq Ft. .33 Acres”

“Here’s A Cutie Castle On A 6 Acre Lot In St. Croix, Mn. Daemon Could Really Get Some Thinking Done Here Away From All Of The Realmly Drama. Currently Listed For $1,999,000. 4 Bd, 3 Ba. 3,774 Sq Ft”

“I’ve Never Said This Before But Here’s A Perfect Mid-Century Modern. Currently Listed For $410,000 In Iowa City, Ia. 3 Bd, 3 Ba. 1,836 Sq Ft. .93 Acre”

“Currently Listed For $325,000 In Salina, Ks. 2 Bd, 2 Ba. 2,466 Sq Ft. 2.02 Acres”

“Every Home Needs A Staircase Like This. $850,000. 4 Bd, 4 Ba. 4,950 Sq Ft”

“For About $60,000 You Can Finally Live In A Wwi Seaport, Built Between 1915-1919 Off The Coast Of England”

“If Your Home Doesn’t Have A Smurf Roof Then Don’t Even Think About Inviting Me Over. Currently Listed At $4,199,000 In West Bloomfield, Mi”

“The 60ish Acre Compound Has Over 120k Square Feet And Includes A Main Home, Guest Houses, 2 Car Barns, 4 Tennis Courts, 9 Hole Golf Course, Spa, And A 55k Square Foot Building With An Indoor Pool And Arcade. My Favorite Thing Though Is That The Kitchen Has 5 Islands And 8 Sinks. Currently Listed For $23,000,000”

“Here’s A Perfect Victorian Built Around 1896 In Goshen, NY For $1.2 Million. 3 Bd, 2.5 Ba. 3,330 Sq Ft. .52 Acres”

“We Found The Final Boss Of Sunken Living Rooms. Currently Listed For $850,000. 3 Bd, 3 Ba. 2,836 Sq Ft”

“Ere Is A Really Cool Almost 10k Home On 708 Acres In Ashland, Or That Makes Me Want To Get Away From It All. $5,895,000. 9,881 Sq Ft. 2 Bd, 4 Ba”

“You Know Its Going To Be Good And This $2,500,000 Rochester, Mi Home Delivers. 5 Bd, 7 Ba. 6,106 Sq Ft. 6.125 Acres”‘

“I’ve Never Said This Before But Here’s A Perfect Mid-Century Modern Home In Beautiful Tulsa, Ok. This Is Called The Osher House And Is Currently Listed At $925,000. 3 Bd, 3 Ba. 2785 Sq Ft. .44 Acres”

“Verified I’ve Never Said This Before But Here’s A Perfect Mid-Century Modern Home In Farmington, Mi. This Is Called Arthur Beckwith House And Is Currently Listed At $899,000. 5 Bd. 3.555 Ba. 3,000 Sq Ft. 1.21 Acres”

“Verified This Home In St. Albans In England Has Been Described As “Part Japanese, Part Medieval Cloister, Part Roman Villa” By Grand Designs Host Kevin Mccloud And It’s Perfect. £5,950,000. 5,175 Sq Ft (480.77 Sq Meters). 2 Acres. 5 Bd, 5 Ba”

“Here’s A 550 Acre Home In Santa Claus, In That Combined Has 15 Bd, 19 Ba And Over 50k Sq Ft And Every Amenity You Could Ever Need Including A 3 Story Log Cabin Main Home, 1950s Diner, Classic Car Museum, Pool Pavilion, Shooting Range, Amphitheater, Over 3.5 Miles Of Paved Trails And More . Currently Listed For $47,900,000”

“Found The Perfect Home For $250k In Saint Cloud, Mn. 3 Bd, 2 Ba. 2,147 Sq Ft”

“Me: Can I Borrow $5? Mom: What Do I Look Like, A Bank To You? Me: Mom We Literally Live At The Bank $765,000. Bennington, Vt. 4 Bd, 2 Ba. 6,650 Sq Ft. .08 Acre Lot”

“This $15,000,000 20,690 Sq Ft Orlando Home Has An Indoor Spa, Outdoor Lanai, Golf Simulator, Theater, Bird Aviary, Themed Bedrooms And More Lol. 7 Bd, 12 Ba. 1.83 Acres”

“According To The Listing This Castle Is Known As “The Campbell Castle” And Was Built From 1886 To 1888 By Colonel Burton Harvey Campbell And His Wife Ellen, And Is Reportedly An Authentic Reproduction Of A Richardsonian Romanesque Scottish Castle. The Home Has 17 Bd, 19 Ba And Over 14k Sq Ft. Currently Listed For $3,500,00 In Wichita, Ks”

“New Missile Silo Home Just Dropped And I Think Someone Has Actually Been Living In This One. Currently Listed For $550,000 In York, Ne. 1 Bd, 1 Ba. 1,256 Sq Ft. 6.19 Acres”

“Oooo A “Pirate Ship Boat House” Is For Sale For $49,000 In Virginia”

“Verified What Do You Get When You Cross A Mid Century Modern + Build It On Top Of A Steel Bridge That Spans A Creek That Flows To Lake Superior? The Erickson House. $750,000. 3 Bd, 3 Ba. 2,452 Sq Ft”

“If I Won The Over $1 Billion #megamillions Jackpot I Would Make Sure It Has Everything This Home Has At A Minimum”

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