40+ Shocking Moments Captured At Weddings

Take a look at these 40+ unexpected moments captured at weddings. From outrageous speeches to dance-floor mishaps, discover the surprising twists and turns that can happen at a wedding celebration.

“Got My Wedding Pics Back”

“Let’s See This Amazing Picture Of The Wedding That I Took From The Roof”

“Just To Show How Much Of A “Final Fantasy” Fan I Am, I Cut My Wedding Cake With A DIY Buster Sword”

“One Of My Best Friends Married His Girlfriend Yesterday. Our Other Best Friend Was His Witness”

“We Got Married This Weekend And Did Some Ghost Pictures”

“I Do Not Know Of A More Perfect Wedding Photo Than This One – My Dad, Doing A Headstand On The Dance Floor Surrounded By Cheering Family”

“Got Caught “Sniffing Glue” At A Friend’s Wedding”

“Our Godson Decided Our First Dance Was The Perfect Time For A Potty Break. In The Middle Of The Dance Floor”

“This Ring Bearer At My Brother’s Wedding”

“In The Middle Of Nebraska, There’s An Art Installation Called Carhenge. It’s Literally A Car Version Of Stonehenge. My Friend Got Married There This Week”

“The Tissues At My Brother’s Wedding Were A Nice Touch”

“Groom’s Party Had An Interesting Take On Attire”

“I Was Skeptical When My Husband Wanted A Petting Zoo At Our Wedding”

“Drake Was My First Pet Straight Out Of High School. He Was There For My First Job, First Relationship, And 16 Years Later, It Was Only Right He Would Be At Our Wedding”

“Got Married Last Week And Our Dog Decided To Steal The Show By Scooting His Butt Down The Aisle”

“My Childhood Nemesis Reappeared On My Wedding Day”

“I Went To The Best Wedding Ever Today. Officiated By A Dinosaur With A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”

“The Wedded Bliss On Dad’s Face”

“Quarantine Wedding”

“Newlyweds End Their Night At The Whataburger”

“Possibly The Most Important Photo From My Wedding Day”

“We Wanted Our Wedding To Reflect Things We Love”

“At A Friends’ Wedding Reception, It Was Very Windy, And The Groom Got Blown Off The Cake. It Looked Like He Had Jumped Off And Ran Away, Meanwhile The Bride Was Waving Bye”

“Diligent Postman Interrupts Wedding Ceremony To Get Bride To Sign For Package”

“A Friend Posted This Wedding Picture. Didn’t Know He Married A Mythological Beast”

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