40 Slightly Amusing Things Shared on the Web

“This Redbox is blue”

“These old $1 McDonald’s gift certificates I found today while cleaning”

“A magic eraser after washing 450+ highschool desks next to a new one”

“This leaf is caught by its stem. The wind made a pattern in the snow.”

“My dogs nose has slowly been turning black over the last 9 years.”

“German sausage sushi”

“Found a bullet proof vest in a box hidden inside my wall.”

“Homeless man in Silicon Valley with VR headset.”

“Found a Pizza Hut that still does the buffet and indoor seating”

“My to-go order had a frowney face written on the bag.”

“This McDonalds in Venice sells mini pizza calzones.”

“I went to a pub in London that had an ‘L’ shaped pool table.”

“Cici’s apparently has a “pizza challenge” it allows customers to do for a prize of $300”

“Plug has a diagram showing the layout of its wires inside and shows which is the ground.”

“Combined urinal/sinks. The used sink water drains into the urinal.”

“Encountered a Road Runner on my travels today.”

“76% of this Starburst bag was red.”

“These green rings of light move at the pace of the speed limit to help gauge speed.”

“Home Depot left the sprinklers on overnight in freezing weather”

“Poison bottle i found on the beach”

“The heating coils in my car’s emblem created a pattern after today’s snowstorm”

“This restaurant displays the different types of counterfeit bills that they’ve received.”

“I found the Fibonacci sequence in my cabbage”

“20 years worth of my uncles daily journals”

“This mall in Kuwait has a “touching snow” area”

“This Korean restaurant defines kids by height instead of age”

“This donut stand at a buffet”

“My Asian Lays/Pringles can has a little pull out drawer”

“.22 round vs 50 cal round”

“Giftshop and food court 750 feet underground at Carlsbad Caverns”

“My dog has a heart shaped nose”

“This Free Speech Booth at an airport”

“This mini Soy Sauce packet with my sushi is shaped like a Fish”

“My girlfriend still has the box her ps1 came in”

Source: www.reddit.com

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