40+ Terminal Pics That Are Funny, Touching, and Absolutely Bizarre

Brace yourself for laughter, heartfelt moments, and a dash of the unexpected as you delve into this collection of terminal snapshots that are sure to leave you entertained and fascinated.

“There’s A Roulette Minigame At The Frankfurt Airport Baggage Claim”

“My Son’s First College Roommate Picking Him Up From The Airport After Spending Christmas At Home”

“When Your Mate Says He’ll Pick You Up From The Airport On Christmas Eve”

“Realistic Sculpture Titled “The Traveler” In Orlando International Airport”

“Noticed This Woman’s Skirt Blended In With The Floor While Waiting For My Parents At The Airport”

“This Washroom Sign In An Abu Dhabi Airport Lounge Looks Like Arabian Batman”

“Flying Home For The Holidays Dressed To Surprise The Family.”

“Before the flight, I met this stranger at the airport. Instant best friends.”

“A Sign Outside An Airport In Helsinki, Finland”

“During A 12 Hour Flight Delay My Boyfriend Wandered Off.”

“When I found him he was in the middle of a pixar movie marathon with a group of 5 year olds. He’s the one for me.”

“Son Made A Friend At An Airport. They Don’t Speak The Same Language But They Can Co-Exist Nicely”

“Oh No, Someone Spilled All Their Puppies”

“Gandalf On The Ceiling Of A New Zealand Airport”

“After waiting for our bags at heathrow terminal 5 for 4 hours the only person who was still there was a pilot, who helped over 300 people get there bags back. In case he sees this I just want to say thank you!”

“At The Airport Tonight And After Sitting Began To Hear The Soft Sound Of Reading Aloud (With Voices!)”

“This man is reading the lord of the rings to his children and it reminded me of my mom. I hope to be that kind of parent someday.”

“Workers At Prague Airport Having Fun”

“At This Airport, Luggage Comes Out Of The Car Trunk”

“At Airport, Just Handed This… Challenge Accepted… Good Luck Buddy. Standby For Results, Take Off In 40”

“Just Saw This At The Airport Waiting To Pick Someone Up”

“Sign In The New Orleans Airport Bathroom”

“At This Airport, They Have A Machine That Will Print Off Free Short Stories For You To Read While You Wait!”

“Airport Has A Section Of Rocking Chairs In Baggage Claim”

“Props To The Troll That Put This Sticker On The Wall In A Busy Airport Terminal.”

“Been here for 10 minutes and have seen 5 people try it. Cruel.”

“This Dog Watched Me On The Toilet At The Airport”

“This Airport Hired Actors To Walk Around As Star Wars Characters On May 4th”

“My Local Airport Added A New Display To Mimic The Inside Of A Plane. They Chose An Underwater Scene As The Background. How Reassuring”

“Meanwhile At 10:30 Pm In The Denver Airport”

“Working At The Airport, We See Many People Tag Their Bags. Someone Will Tie The Rope, Someone Tag Name, Who Will Sign. Today Came Across This”

“Mom Finally Got To Meet The Fonz, He Was Nice Enough To Stop When Leaving For The Airport”

“The Pensacola Airport Changed All Its Airline Gates To Stargates”

“My Cousin Met A Victoria’s Secret Model At The Airport. Perfect Day To Be Wearing That Shirt”

“So My Friend Is In An Airport In Morocco And Sees These Guys Trying To Buy Seats On A Plane To Switzerland For Their Falcons”

“This Airport Has A Recombobulation Area. First Time I Have Ever Seen This Word Used”

“Sassy Looking Pole In The Nashville Airport Parking Garage”

“At The Airport Waiting To Embarrass Jimmy”

“In The Narita Airport Of Japan, While It Says “Welcome To Japan” In English, The Japanese Text Says “Welcome Back””

“Met This Fellow At The Airport. He Explained That He’s Going To Meet His Fiancé”

“Hawaiian Airport Has Restroom Sign With Hawaiian Attires”

“This Guy Wasn’t Letting A Delayed Flight Ruin His Day…. Hooked Up A Playstation To Airport Monitors!”

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