40+ That Are So Huge They Seem To Have Come From Another Planet

“The bike Thomson made for Shaq, 100% custom. 2 Units in 1 photo. Pictured is the COO of Thomson.”

“This gigantic bull from England named “Field Marshall” weighs in at an outstanding 3,689 pounds…”

“”Big Brutus” mining machine (tiny humans for scale)”

“1600 lb Pumpkin Wins Annual Prize in Germany”

“There are ships, and then there are SHIPS”

“The tree of Tule in Mexico. 2000 years old and the largest in the world”

“This Spicy Unit”

“This unit of a Pizza”

“Very conspicuous”

“This absolute unit bonfire in Brazil”

“Union Pacific snow blower traincar”

“An absolute unit of a bolt, too bad it is made of plastic”

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