40+ Times City Designers Failed To Recognize People’s Needs

Old habits die hard and it is unlikely that an architect can change the way people work.

“Swimming Paths Made By A Moorhen On The Way To And From Its Nest”

“‘The Sidewalks On My School’s Quad Are Not Symmetrical Because They Were Installed Based On Where The Grass Was Worn Out…”

“A Footpath So Badly Constructed Nobody Wants To Use It”

“Google Acknowledges The Desire Paths On Our Campus”

“Squirrel Desire Path”

“My Dad Shoveled A Path But The Rest Of The Family Decided It Was Too Far”

“Technical University Delft (Nl) Paved All Desire Paths”

“My University Giving Into The Desire Path”

“Dutch Anti-Cobblestone Bicycle Desire Path”

“This Attempt At Making A Pathway Through A Park”‘

“The World’s (Actual) Greatest Desire Path! He Carved A Road Through A Mountain Over 22yrs To Shorten The Distance From His Village To The Nearest Hospital From 70km To 1km”

“My Cat Passed Away Last Night. These Were His Paths”

“After Our Dog Passed, We Turned His Desire Path Into A Forever Path”

“Generations Of Bunnies Have Worn A Perfect Groove In My Neighbor’s Fence”

“The Oval Walkways At Ohio State University Were Paved Based On The Students’ Desire Paths”

“The Ants In My Garage Built A Bridge Over My Glue Trap”

“I’m In A Long Distance Relationship With My Girlfriend, And This Is Where I Walk When I’m On The Phone With Her Every Night”

“My Dog’s Desire Path Is Filling Up With Flower Petals. Looks Pretty At The Moment!”

“This College Paved Over The Desire Paths After Waiting A Year To See Where Mud Trails Formed”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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