40 Times When The Bad Day Blues Hit

These relatable and humorous insights will have you nodding along, as you discover ways to shake off the gloom and turn things around.

“Left donuts on the counter while I cleaned the house, as a little treat for when I finished. Someone found them first. (Cat)”

“79 year old lady tried to merge into my lane without looking on my way to work this morning.”

“I may have issues eating HEB frozen vegetables for a while.”

“I broke both of my hands.”

“Forgot to add water”

“I ordered mozzarella sticks at Ruby Tuesday and half were hollow. No cheese”

“Only after finishing hand-embroidering this piece did I realize that the ‘e’s’ ended up looking identical to ‘c’s’. Fuek!”

“My “new” phone came without the phone!”

“Came out of the bathroom to find these in my burrito.”

“Someone stole this guy’s coupon cause the barcode wasn’t fully covered.”

“Came home from work Friday to a chunk of my kitchen ceiling missing.”

“I’m stuck in a 100+ yard airline customer service line”

“My pizza did…this? In the oven. I don’t understand.”

“Roommate spent the whole day drinking and then lost his dog (anger ensued)”

“Elevator was out so I had to walk 6 flights up then this….”

“I just want cookies for less than $100 bucks”

“The moving company will only pay for what they broke if we move again in 3 months”

“Bought and installed some lovely new fence panels… not ???????????????????? to the taste of the next-door neighbour though…”

“Sold an iPad on Facebook, the kid took off as soon as I noticed he gave me fake bills”

“My brother’s Euromillions lucky dip last night.”

“The £794 is nice n all, but the jackpot was £110 million!”

“This panel above my tub burst open at 11pm and dumped water all over my bathroom”

“Decided to treat myself to some boba for the first time in months. Tripped and fell before i even put in the straw.”

“Record 7.5 Inch Hail. Everything is Bigger in Texas. Egads.”

“Noticed my wall was warping and discovered a new ecosystem.”

“My Lenovo Legion was making guttural noises.”

“Drove into my parked van while I was working, the quote has me weak”

“Someone “slit” both front tyres on my mom’s car”

“Nails in my parking lot”

“There goes my breakfast”

“Other subcontractors came in on a late Friday, used 20 minute mud and MY tools. Found them like this on Monday”

“A little potato soup with my pepper”

“One crank and it exploded”

“5 yr old kid we watch got mad and threw a baseball”

“Some guy smashed our outdoor ping pong table and front windows last night. :/”

“My parents hired a contractor to add a new window to their bedroom”

“Accidentally bumped my $169.99 gaming monitor & it fell over.”

“Last day of school. Classmate Brought cake for teacher. Switched sugar with salt”

“My Big Mac”

“Walked off the train this morning to go to a street festival – almost tripped when my shoe sole fell off.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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