40 Unexpectedly Sweet Interactions With Wildlife

Enjoy these 40 uplifting and memorable wildlife encounters that warm the heart!

This Little Guy Started Hanging Around My Brother While He Was Working On A Car. I Believe It’s An American Kestrel. Which Means My Brother Made Friends With A Falcon

Mountain Lions Moving Back Into Boulder During Lockdown

I Came Into My Kitchen To Find A Lizard Using A Sponge As A Raft In The Sink. I Live In New Mexico

Friend’s Mom Nearly Had A Heart Attack When She Looked Out The Back Window This Morning

Thankfully I Saved This Little Guy From My Lawnmower Today. This is what my lawn looked like, so he was pretty lucky that I saw him.

My Friend’s Dad Found A Crab Holding A Donatello PEZ Dispenser

Found A Baby Hawk At Work Today

This Lizard Lives In My Birdhouse

I Think Someone Spilled A Bag Of Ducks Near Aisle 6

Albino Deer I Spotted Walking Into Work Last Week

A Family Of Raccoons In My Yard

Mom Had A Stranger On Her Deck This Morning

Two Baby Bears On My Grandparents’ Deck

A Sleepy Barn Owl Found Camouflage On My Back Porch

I Found A Baby Rabbit While Mowing The Lawn

The Neighborhood Fox And Her Kits Are Living Under My Front Deck Right Now

Bird Sitting On Its Own Info Board

Baby Skunk, Which My Son Found In The Driveway, Fell Asleep In My Hand Yesterday As I Returned It To Its Burrow

This Random Koala Is On The Side Of My House

Found This Angry Unit In The Wild At Work Today. Wanted To Have A Piece Of Me Every Time I Walked Past The Tree

Urban Fox Doing A Full Sploot In My Sunny Scottish Garden

Not A Creature Was Stirring, All Through The House – Except For This Mouse Living In Our Christmas Tree, Apparently

Christmas Eve Visitor

A Pine Marten I Saw While Walking Through The Woods

Found A Stray Cat In My Garage This Morning

I Was Sitting At A Red Light When A Peregrine Falcon Landed On The Hood Of My Car

Rare “Silver Fox” At My House Today

We Fed Our Backyard Squirrel Once… Meet Frankie At Our Backyard Door Waiting For More Nuts

A Hummingbird Chilled On My Phone Today

Echidna We Rescued At Work. This Little Guy Got Stuck In The Bottom Of A Shallow Mineshaft. We Could Only See His Little Spikes Sticking Out Of The Dirt. It took us about 30 minutes to get him out because he could burrow faster than we could dig. However, we managed to relocate him to a safer spot.

The Housekeeping Staff Found An Owl In The Room Of A Guest Who Checked Out Yesterday

Saw A Blonde Squirrel At The Park Yesterday

Capybaras Invaded My Garden

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