40+ Veterinarians Share Their Exciting Work Experiences

“My Wife Is A Veterinarian And I Think This Owl Is Plotting To End Her”

“My Cat Went To The Vet Today”

“I Work At A Vet’s Clinic, And This Baby Was Surrendered By Owner. I’m Now The Owner Of This Cutie”

“The Clinic Cat Got A Shirt, And He Won’t Let Anyone Take It Off”

“The Vet Is Very Familiar With My Boxer. They Know He’s Good Natured, So They Decided To Put A Cap On Him. They Sent Me This Picture”

“Dylan, 11-Month-Old Norwegian Forest Cat. Our Vet Tech Carried Him Around The Office To See The Rest Of The Staff For Pets And Pictures. He Was Feeling Proud”

“This Sweet 10-Month-Old Girl Came In Friday With A Snake Bite. She Stayed This Happy The Entire Time Even Though It Was Very Painful For Her”

“One Of My Favorite Parts Of Being A Vet Tech Is Getting To Hold Hands With The Kittens”

“My Dog Insisted On Keeping His Face Like This At The Vet. Was Mildly Sedated”

“Benjen Was Mean To The Vet, So They Suggested We Get Him Used To Being Swaddled. Now He’s A Purrito”

“Vet Had To Shave My Little Man’s Legs And Ended Up Giving Him Boots With The Fur”

“I See The Dogs And Cats In The Corners Of The Vet, And I Raise Our Cat, Yam. He Escapes Through The Trash Hole”

“The Vet Called And Asked If They Could Use A Picture Of Our Cat For Marketing Purposes While He Was In For Dental Surgery. I Said Sure. Then They Sent The Picture”

“A Veterinarian Helped A 12-Week-Old Parrot To Take A Flight Again After A “Severe Wing Trim” Left It Unable To Fly”

“The vet, named Catherine Apuli, made it happen by giving the bird a new pair of wing tips made from donated feathers.”

“My Aunt’s Dog Got A Little Nervous During His Annual Checkup”

“My Aunt Works For A Vet And This Guy Was Booked In For A Check Up”

“Hiding From The Vet”

“Hedgehog Getting An X-Ray”

“Cheddar Was Drugged Up At The Vet The Other Day”

“Cat Didn’t Eat For 3 Days, Went To The Vet Where They Did An Ultrasound Only To Find A Belly Full Of The Neighbor’s Cat’s Food”

“While Waiting At A Bus Stop, A Bird Crashed Into A Nearby Window And Broke Its Wing. Thankfully, It Was A Veterinarian’s Office”

“This Is How Vets Listen To Your Heart When You Weigh Five Grams”

“My Cat Was Being A Bit Of A J#rk At The Vet Today”

“This Swan Hugging The Vet Who Saved Its Life”

“Young Koala Came To Us With Dog Fight Wounds And I Noticed She Had A Lactating Nipple. It Took A Full Day, But We Were Able To Find And Reunite Her With Her Baby”

“Another Vet Checkup. Another Instance Of Scared Big Boy With His Support Animal”

“Doug Has His Own Sign And It’s Almost The Best Part. He Was So Quiet I Didn’t Notice Him At First”

“9-Week-Old Maine Coon Kittens, Waiting For Their Vet Check”

“My Boy Got Neutered Yesterday. The Vet Office Took A Photo For Me After He Woke Up”

“My Girlfriend Is A Veterinarian. This Is How I Found Her Today After Last Night’s Overnight Shift”

“First Vet Visit. Tony Was Purring So Loudly The Vet Had To Cover His Nose To Hear His Heart”

“Ron Came To The Vet’s Clinic As A Stray. After A Few Weeks He Started Making Rounds To See Patients And Would Sit Next To Any Pet While They Were Asleep, Offering Comfort”

“This Adorable Kitty Was Brought To The Vet By A Rescue For A Checkup”

“A Patient Of Mine With A Heart On Its Nose”

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