40 Well-Timed Photos

“I’m a deer now hooman.”

“I was taking pictures of the car and after taking this photo I noticed that a bird was in it.”

“A lady pulled her phone out and snapped a photo just as I dove into the ball pit.”

“The guy behind me made it look like I’m wearing a tiny hat.”

“A bee flew in front of my camera at the perfect time.”

“Just a Yooper surfing Lake Superior in December…”

“A flower girl got tired of this wedding.”

“A good boy pixelated by the glass”

“A state police senior trooper, Cepelnik, managed to rescue these black bears.”

“The moment this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends’ engagement photo”

“This colony of moss growing inside a bike seat”

“This happened in Istanbul.”

“A sleeping seal in San Francisco”

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