40+Family Photos That Are Both Funny And Cringe-Worthy

Brace yourself for a mix of amusement and discomfort as you browse through this entertaining compilation of funny and cringe-worthy family moments.

“There Was A Moth In Our Kitchen.”⁠

“My Mom Was Amish In The 90s. Apparently, When This Picture Was Taken She Was In Trouble With The Church For Breaking Off Three Engagements.”⁠

“This Old Picture Of My Great-Grandmother, Far Left, Makes It Look Like The Cameraman Just Stumbled Into A Secret Meeting Of The Grandmas…”⁠

“My Daughter’s One Year Old Picture Didn’t Go Quite As Planned…”⁠

“1984, France. The Only Picture I Have Of My Grandma And She Looks Like Grambo”

“Our Daughter Would Not Cooperate For Her Photos. She Was Doing Everything But Smiling. Here She Is ‘Hulking Out'”⁠

“My Dad And His Beloved Pet Duck. 1994″⁠

“I Really Love Those Quirky Space-Themed Family Photos. My Dog Max Was Less Than Cooperative, But We Managed To Snag This Wondrous Beauty.” ⁠

“This Is A Picture Of My Husband From Elementary School. His Friends Have Dubbed Him #childdwight.”⁠

“My Dad Took Me To The Mall To Get Glamour Shots Done For My Tenth Birthday. I Was So Excited, This Was Everything To Me. I Turned Out To Look Like A 40-Something Real Estate Agent, And A Possible Delta Burke Twin. Designing Women, Here I Come.”⁠ ⁠

“My Mom Said This Was One Of My Favorite Things To Do As A Child.”⁠

“I Turned 31 In January And This School Photo Is Still The Most Professional Photo I Have Of Myself.”⁠

“‘I Didn’t Ask For This,’ Said Our Very Stubborn 2.5 Year Old. He Had The Same Expression In Every Photo From The Session”

“That’s Me In The Background Unsuccessfully Trying To Get A Kite To Stay Airborne. Photo Was Taken By A Long-Time Friend Who Finds It An Effective Blackmail Tool”⁠ ⁠

“We Were Doing Family Photos For My Sister’s Bat Mitzvah. The Photographer Told Us To Make Funny Faces But My Mom Took It To The Next Level…”⁠ ⁠

“My 1981 High School Yearbook Photo With Perm And Spiderman Glasses”

“Yes This Is Really Our 1994 Family Photo.”⁠

“My High School Senior Photo Has Tortured Me For Years And Now I’m Owning The Embarrassment”⁠ ⁠

“My Daughter And I Had Been Holding Hands And She Was Leaning Away From Me And Our Photographer Caught The Perfect Moment. So The Rest Of Us Are Looking Fabulous While My 2 Year Old Is Crashing Into The Pavement.”⁠ ⁠ … And Later That Day. Seriously

“A Very Short-Lived Photo Studio Opened At The Mall Near Our House”

“My brother and I begged for months to get our family photo taken there. Finally, our parents relented and our family spent a glorious evening trying a variety of poses and costumes before selecting this gem. The real highlight came with people’s reactions to the photo after we had it framed and placed over the fireplace. Because this was before the advent of Photoshop, a lot of people ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT THIS HAD HAPPENED… even one of my brother’s girlfriends.”

“My Parents Wedding Day, 1980s”⁠

“At The Mall. I Wanted To Be Dressed Right, In Case I Saw Girls From My School”⁠

“Not Sure What Grandma And Her Friend Were Up To”

“This Is The Photo My Grandmother Sent Out As Her Xmas Card In The Early 70s”

“She didn’t like my Dad’s not-smiling face so she cut out one from a different picture, pasted it in place and sent it to the printers. Note the glue on my dad’s face where grandma had attempted to affix the smiling face before it shifted during printing completely unintentionally. Still one of the funniest things ever sent to more than 200 friends and family.”⁠

“My Mom Had A Free Session At Olan Mills And She Said If I Went With Her, I Could Wear Whatever I Wanted And I Could ‘Ratt’ My Hair”

“My Dad, The Morning After Finding Out My Mom Was Pregnant With My Brother. 1982.”⁠

“My Dad Learned How To Use Photoshop.”⁠

“On My Daughter’s First Day School, Our Feisty Labradoodle Wanted To Be A Part Of The Action”⁠ ⁠

“My Friend’s Grandmother Went White Water Rafting…”⁠

“In Yugoslavia We Had Very Scary Santas In The 1980s”

“My Wife Was The Flower Girl For Her Cousin’s Wedding And Decided To Slide Down The Railing While The Bird Seed Was Flying After The Happy Couple Was Married. This Was The Result”

“This Is A Photo Of Me. And People Wonder Why I Am Afraid Of Dolls. Thank You, Mom And Dad”⁠ ⁠

“My Grandparents’ First Time At A Japanese Restaurant.”⁠

“For My Daughter’s 12th Birthday Party, We Made Masks Of Her Obsession, George Michael, For All Of The Little Girls. Didn’t Realize How Scary It Would Look When They Pulled Them All On At The Same Time.”

“My Husband Spent A Good Amount Of His Childhood Years (Early To Mid 1980s) In A Children’s Hospital Where Well-Meaning Samaritans Would Go To Spread Joy And Lift Spirits.”

“When You Have Candles, But Not The ‘Right’ Ones For Your Wife’s 39th Birthday”⁠

“The Whole Family Seems To Be So Content As I Choke Off To The Side… This Is The Epitome Of My Life. No Big Deal. I Am Alive And Well Now – No Thanks To Any Of My Relatives :)”⁠ ⁠

“He Always Posed For Photos In The Past. Maybe He Didn’t Like The Photographer.”⁠ ⁠

“Weird Al And My Mom, In A Hotel In 1985″⁠

“Our Kids Had Experimented With A Few Different Balancing Acts And By The Time I Got My Camera Figured Out, Our Son Had Found A New Perch”⁠

“My Mother And Father’s Wedding Portrait. The Photographer Got A Little Creative, Which Is Why They Look Like They’re Marrying A Ghost.”⁠ ⁠

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