41 Designs Created By People Who Exceeded All Expectations

“Finished my 1st tension design.”

“There was one heart-shaped treat in my dog’s bone-shaped treats.”

“I collect antique fans. Here’s a circa 1932-34 Gilbert 12” ’Aristocrat.’”

“This pattern on this bench at my vet”

“The miauw mug my gf loves”

“This foosball table on the lobby of the hotel I’m staying”

“Numbered stairs so you don’t lose count”

“My employee has a shoe backpack.”

“Some types of wood fluoresce with a blacklight.”

“Oversized band-aid on this dented car in the parking garage at work”

“My microwave says ’Good’ when it’s done.”

“Wilson Sporting Goods sells Wilson Volleyballs from the movie Cast Away.”

“My washed-out paint roller looks like Sully from Monsters Inc.”

“This square on the box of chocolate toast crunch has been eating too much of his kind.”

“My purse made out of over 1,500 soda can tabs”

“Handwashing choice — burn or freeze”

“This bar of soap is too unusual.”

“I painted 5 mini-pieces and set them in vintage frames.”

“I made this Koi pond design mirror myself.”

“Isn’t he adorable? He lives in the guest room now!”

“This cup at my aunt’s has a mustache cover.”

“I met a guy wearing a backpack with a ferret inside.”

“I made a bright and juicy bracelet with polymer clay cloudberries.”

“This teacup looks like it has holes in it.”

Source: brightside.me

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