41 Things That Are Both Interesting And Disturbing

“When Sperm Whales Need A Nap, They Take A Deep Breath, Dive Down About 45 Feet And Arrange Themselves Into Perfectly-Level, Vertical Patterns. They Sleep Sound And Still For Up To Two Hours At A Time Between Breaths, In Pods Of 5 Or 6 Whales, Presumably For Protection”

“A Thunderstorm Can Sometimes Birth A Rarely Seen Phenomenon In Earth’s Atmosphere: Red Space Lightning Called Sprites That Look Like Jellyfish”

“Scientist Holding A Basketball Covered With Vantablack, The World’s Blackest Substance”

“Thunderstorm From 30,000 Feet In The Air”

“Four Horned Hebridean Sheep”

“Spanish Dancer Sea Slug Spotted In Australia”

“This Amoeba I Saw Through The Microscope”

“What Michael Jackson Was Supposed To Look Like”

“Racoons Reaching For Cat Food Under A Table”

“Someone I Know Has A Glassed Over Well In Their Kitchen From The Mid-1700s”

“The Poison Garden (Alnwick Garden) Contains About 100 Plants That Can Actually Kill A Person”

“In 1871, This 10 Year Old Girl’s Grave Was Built With Easy Access Stairs So That Her Mother Could Comfort Her During Storms”

“Oldest Surviving Diving Suit, 18th Century”

“A Close Up Of An Ant”

“Lava That Looks Like Melted Bodies”

“Just A Window Lit Up In An Abandoned Hospital”

“This Is What A Lethal Dose Of Fentanyl Looks Like. 2mg”

“Church In Louisiana”

“Sometimes People Stop In The Middle Of A Conversation To Stare At My Eye. Wonder Why”

“This Is A Flat Hallway”

“A Disney Gas Mask – Designed To Make Gas Mask “Less Creepy” For Children During WWII”

“This Picture From Venus”

“A Terrifying Web I Saw Above A Light Fixture A Work Today”

“Here Are Some Skin Shoes Worth $10,000, These Are Made Or Silicon But Are 100% Creepy”

“The Mouth Of A Leatherback Sea Turtle”

“Biblically Accurate Angel”

“Before Days Of Modern Medicine, Many Feared Being Buried Alive. As A Result, Safety Coffins Were Invented In Case The Living Were Mispronounced Passed Away. A String Attached To A Bell Allowed The Victim To Alert Those Above”

“Shark Gills”

“A Cemetery In Hong Kong”

“St. Lambert’s Church In Münster. Three Iron Cages, 7 Feet Tall And A Yard Wide And Deep, Hang Empty From The Church Spire. Once Home To The Mutilated Bodies Of Three Revolutionaries”

“Geladas Baring Their Fangs”

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