42 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

“It’s about a third of the size it’s supposed to be.”

“A girl bought a wig and asked the seller to send a picture of someone wearing it.”

“These shark earrings I bought for a friend for Christmas.”

“Candy canes, unwrapped(left) vs Wrapped(right)”

“I tried to copy this jack o’ lantern for Halloween… Didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped.”

“This bear my mother bought for my brother’s new baby. I am scared for the baby…”

“I thought I did a good sculpting job, maybe not…”

“My bag of mixed veggies.”

“Well, at least it’s the cheapest.”

“It’s really nice. There is no bag, so it works like this: you stick a tissue to its bottom, the robot rides around and wipes all the dirt. “

“I just ordered a pizza for $20, and the toppings are in a separate box, not on the pizza.”

“I’ve been looking for my ’delivered’ packages for the past few days.”

“It turned out that they were delivered to my cardboard recycling bin, which was collected 2 days ago!”.

“My partner paid a local cake maker and got me a really thoughtful gift this year.”

“I have low standards for boxed macarons, but this is too much.”

“I just wanted to get a cute donut for my daughter.”

“A friendly reminder not to buy anything from this flower shop”

“This Spider-Man toothbrush holder I found”

Bonus: “I didn’t think they’d do the arrow too!”

Source: www.reddit.com

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