42 People With Not Very Good Taste

“This Rug Pattern Carved Into A Hardwood Floor”

“Asked My Mum For A Bedside Table Lamp For Christmas And Received This Sassy Young Lady”

“My Girlfriend’s Grandpa Was An Executive At Mcdonalds A Long Time Ago. He Received This Gift For His Years Of Service. A Solid Gold Big Mac Necklace”

“Never Get Lost Again”

“Located At A Bar In Shinjuku, Japan. There Is A Bathroom With A Gaint Head Located Infront Of The Toilet. Activated By The Pressure From The Seat, The Face Sings A Strange Drunken Tune And Slowly Moves Towards You… Making The Room Smaller And Smaller, Until Its Lips ‘Kiss’ Your Knees”

“Sydney Buses Seat Fabric Suit”

“Someone Crochets “Mold” Onto Vintage Handbags”

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