42 Stunning Sports Images Honored This Year

Celebrate the best in sports photography with these 42 stunning images that were honored for their exceptional quality and ability to capture the spirit of competition.

Bronze In Equestrian: “Freezing Fog” By Megan Dent

Overall Bronze Winner And Gold In Aquatic: “Duck Dive” By Ryan Pierse

Silver In Equestrian: “Wattrennen Reflection” By Magdaléna Straková

Gold In Urban And Extreme: “Reflection” By Volodya Voronin

Overall Gold Winner And Gold In Gymnastics: “Hashimoto At The Bars” By Eric Tkindt

Silver In Basketball: “Footprints” By Aaron Kelly

Silver In Aquatic: “Kite” By Andre Magarao

Gold In Baseball: “Dunk” By Lindsey Wasson

Gold In Basketball: “Rainbow Hair” By Steph Chambers

Silver In Ice Hockey: “For The Love Of The Game” By Al Powers

Gold In Motor Sports: “Luciano Benavides” By Pavol Tomaskin

Bronze In Aquatic: “Canotaje” By Juan Gonzalez

Bronze In Basketball: “From Above” By Steve Roberts

Gold In Equestrian: “Glorious Mud” By David Davies

Silver In Other: “Kevin Molano Ph – Submerged In The Mist” By Kevin Oswaldo Molano Alarcón

Overall Silver Winner And Gold In Other: “A New Superhero? The Perfect Match Between A Spotlight And A Head” By Isaac Julián Morillas Sánchez

Silver In American Football: “Dobbins Dive” By Patrick Smith

Gold In Athletics: “The Sprint” By Tetsu Lee

Silver In Athletics: “Air Time” By Shaun Brooks

Bronze In Baseball: “Eye On The Ball” By Lachlan Cunningham

Gold In Cycling: “James Startt” By James Startt

Silver In Motor Sports: “Wet’n’wild” By Joel Carrett

Bronze In Motor Sports: “Sunrise Ride” By Victor Eleuterio

Bronze In Rugby: Untitled By Alex Davidson

Silver In Urban And Extreme: “Elia’s Tuck No Hand” By Stefan Nita

Bronze In Venues And Views: “Seven Climbs” By Daniela Tommasi

Gold In Winter Sports: “Mikaelas World – Ski Welt Cup” By Alexander Hassenstein

Gold In American Football: “Dobbsanity” By Kevin Sabitus

Bronze In Football: “Golden Celebrations” By David Gray

Gold In Swimming And Diving: “Submerged” By Sean M. Haffey

Gold In Venues And Views: Untitled By Brett Phibbs

Bronze In American Football: “At The Line” By Sam Hodde

Silver In Baseball: “North Carolina V Virginia” By Eakin Howard

Bronze In Cycling: “Velo” By Ryan Pierse

Gold In Formula 1: “Fast Vegas” By Cristiano Barni

Silver In Venues And Views: “Bodø Sunset” By Jan-Petter Dahl

Silver In Winter Sports: “Snowfall” By Petr Slavik

Gold In Cricket: “So Close” By Darrian Traynor

Silver In Cricket: Untitled By Alex Davidson

Silver In Football: “Downhill” By Moritz Mueller

Bronze In Formula 1: “The Win!” By Lucien Chan

Silver In Golf: “Under Tracking” By Suhaimi Abdullah

Source: www.worldsportsphotographyawards.com

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