43 Amazing Photos Show History In Color

“A Street Car Conductor Not Allowing Passengers Aboard Without Wearing A Mask During The Spanish Flu Pandemic. Photograph Taken In Seattle, Washington, USA In 1918”

“A Japanese Couple Taking A Self Portrait Together In C. 1920”

“Louis Armstrong Playing The Trumpet For His Wife Lucille In Front Of The Great Sphinx Of Giza In Greater Cairo, Egypt, In 1961”

“Robin Williams Before He Was Famous, Dressed As A Mime In Central Park, New York, In 1974”

“Daniel Sorine photographed two mime artists performing in New York’s Central Park and in 2013, Daniel was looking through his negatives and photographs when he realized one of the mimes was Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams”

“Royal Navy Stoker With 21 Years Service Nicknamed “Popeye”, Photographed On Board The Hms Rodney In September 1940”

“A stoker was responsible for anything from the propulsion systems to hydraulics, electrical and firefighting systems. The HMS Rodney played a major role in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck in mid-1941”

“Two Photographs Of Evgeny Stepanovich Kobytev, A Soviet Soldier, Taken 4 Years Apart. The First Image, On The Left, Was Taken The Day He Went To Fight In The War, Age 30 In June 1941, And The Photograph On The Right Was Taken When He Returned From The War In 1945”

“Chief Bone Necklace Of The Oglala Lakota Native Americans Photographed In 1899”

“Martin Luther King Jr. And Ralph Abernathy Riding On The First Desegregated Bus In Montgomery, Alabama In December 1956”

“The Cast Of Star Wars Out Of Costume In C. 1977. From Left To Right: Harrison Ford (Han Solo), David Prowse (Darth Vader), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Kenny Baker (R2-D2), And Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)”

“Future Queen Elizabeth II Of The United Kingdom Photographed At The Age Of 19 In 1945 Serving As An Ambulance Driver For The Auxiliary Territorial Service During World War II”

“Wo Apsaroke Native Americans On Horseback Outside Of A Tipi In A Snow-Covered Forest In Montana In 1908”

“An Italian Boy Giving Flowers To An American Soldier Whose Tank Had Stopped On The Edge Of Rome, Italy In June 1944”

“Iconic Spanish Civil War Photograph Taken By Juan Guzmán Of 17-Year-Old Marina Ginestà With An M1916 Spanish Mauser Rifle Overlooking Barcelona On The 21 July 1936 During The 1936 Military Uprising In Barcelona”

“Mercury Train Photographed In 1936. Mercury Was The Name Used By The New York Central Railroad For A Family Of Daytime Streamliner Passenger Trains Operating Between Midwestern Cities. The Mercury’s Started Operating In 1936 And Lasted Until 1959”

“A Portrait Of Two Whistles (Ishichoshtupsh) Of The Crow People (Apsáalooke) Photographed By Edward S. Curtis In 1908”

“Rench Painter Claude Monet Photographed In His Garden In Giverny, France In 1899”

“Jewish Families In Amsterdam, The Netherlands Being Forced To Leave Their Homes In May/June 1943 And Assemble For Deportation To Concentration Camps”

“Charlotte And Marjorie Collyer, Survivors Of The Sinking Of The Titanic Which Took Place In April 1912. They Were 2nd Class Passengers On The Ship And Charlotte’s Husband/Marjorie’s Father, Harvey Collyer, Died In The Disaster. Photo Taken In June 1912”

“Dutch Resistance Fighters Photographed Celebrating The Liberation Of The City Of Breda, The Netherlands, By The Polish 1st Armored Division On The 29th October 1944”

“An 81-Year-Old Nikola Tesla, A Serbian-American Inventor, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, And Futurist Who Is Best Known For His Contributions To The Design Of The Modern Alternating Current (Ac) Electricity Supply System. Photograph Taken In 1937”

“British Socialite And Suffragist, Lady Norman, Photographed On Her Autoped In C. 1916. The Autoped Early Motorized Scooter Manufactured By The Autoped Company Of Long Island City, New York From 1915 To 1922”

“Russian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky (Right), Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo (Center), And Revolutionary And Wife Of Trotsky Natalia Sedova, Photographed Together In Mexico In 1937”

“Women Delivering Ice From A Truck On An Ice Route On The 16 September 1918. This Job Was Previously Only Done By Men But Due To The War, Women Were Recruited. Shortly After The End Of The First World War, The Natural Ice Trade Began To Be Overtaken By Production Of Ice Through Refrigeration Cooling Systems And Plant Ice”

“British Veteran Of The Napoleonic Wars And His Wife Sitting For A Photograph In The 1860s. This Veteran Served In The Peninsular War Which Took Place From 1807 To 1814 And Saw Bourbon Spain Assisted By Great Britain Against The First French Empire For Control Of The Iberian Peninsula”

“A Boy Sitting In The Wreckage Of A Building Shortly After A Bombing Raid Of London, England During World War 2. Photograph Was Taken In January 1945.”

“The Famous Photo Of The Migrant Mother Taken By Dorothea Lange Showing 32-Year-Old Mother Florence Owens Thompson At A Pea Picker Camp Where The Crops Had Died Due To Frost. Photograph Taken In Nipomo, California”

“A Crowded Beach In Atlantic City Photographed In 1908”

“A French Boy Running Down A Street With A Baguette Photographed By French Photographer Willy Ronis In 1952”

“Norwegian Painter, Wilhelm Otto Peters, Working On His Painting “Digging For Worms” In Nesseby, Finnmark, In 1884”

“The Interior Of A Commercial Plane In 1936. The Plane Belonged To Imperial Airways, The First British Commercial Airline”

“16th President Of The United States, Abraham Lincoln, Photographed At The Age Of 56 On The 5 February 1865, A Month Before His Second Inauguration, And 2 Months Before His Assassination”

“Photograph Of The Oldest House In Hamburg, Germany Taken In 1898. It Was Built In 1524 And, Despite Protests From Locals, Was Demolished On The 8 December 1910”

“Wooden Leg (Kâhamâxéveóhtáhe), Photographed Holding A Rifle At Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana In 1927”

“Photographer Michael Nash Using A Backdrop To Hide Buildings Damaged During World War II While Photographing A Woman In Warsaw, Poland In November 1946”

“A Woman Posting A Letter In A Postbox Amongst Destroyed Buildings And Rubble Caused By German Air Raids During World War II. Photograph Taken In London, United Kingdom In 1940”

“Nicoli (Pix-On-Che-La-Hoit) Of The Native American Salish Peoples Photographed By Edward H. Boos On The Flathead Indian Reservation, Western Montana In C.1905”

“The Oldest Surviving Photograph Ever, Taken In C. 1826 By Joseph Nicéphore Niépce From A Window On His Estate ‘Le Gras’ In Saint-Loup-De-Varennes, France. In The Photograph, You Can See Some Buildings On His Estate And The Surrounding Countryside”

“Viljo Valter Suokas, Knight Of The Mannerheim Cross (The Most Distinguished Finnish Military Honor), Photographed At A Field Hospital After Being Wounded In December 1941”

“A Young Soldier Of The Austro-Hungarian Army Standing On The Bridge Of Sighs, A Bridge Connecting Tunnels Inside The Marmolada Glacier. Photograph Taken On The 25 September 1917”

“People At Daytona Beach In Flordia, United States In 1904”

“Paulette Goddard And Charlie Chaplin (Dressed As His Famous Character The Tramp) Photographed In 1936 Resting On The Set Of The Silent Film Modern Times”

“72 Wall Street In New York City Photographed On The 7 November 1918 Showing Citizens Celebrating The End Of The First World War Four Days Before The Official Declaration After News That An Armistice Was To Be Signed Spread Throughout The City”

“Four Women Photographed Outside A House In The Slums Of Amsterdam, The Netherlands In 1899. The Photograph Was Taken By The Health Service In Preparation For An Uninhabitable Declaration”

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