43 Awesome Photos You May Have Never Seen Before

“I’ve been holding onto a stack of “Y2K Compliant” stickers since 1999.”

“These guitars cast shadows on the wall that look like dragons.”

“The ear-shaped handle broke off of my Vincent van Gogh coffee mug.”

“I found vintage, hand typed smut in the walls of my garage.”

“The way you have to milk this pig to get your bbq sauce at this restaurant.”

“My parents 45 year old microwave still works perfectly.”

“Saw a black squirrel with a different colored tail.”

“I walked out on a 122yr old bridge that was destroyed by a tornado in 2003.”

“This restaurant that charges by height”

“My dogs medication has a warning about operating heavy machinery.”

“These coins were stuck in an agitator in my dryer for years.”

“This Land Rover parked in the overhead bin.”

“My grumpy cat’s second heart.”

“The owner of this home shipped it 3 neighborhoods away.”

“The ticket inspector punched a tiny train into my rail ticket.”

“My (new) adidas slides vs my dad’s 20 year old ones. Design unchanged.”

“Official 10 code cup I’ve had since I was a kid.”

“A scorpion drinking the condensation off of my beverage.”

“The Sun bleach on my side gate.”

“Fresh wolf print I came across while lost in Denali, Alaska.”

“A dedicated bench for Jim, some miles into a hiking trail.”

“Cardboard rings for this 6 pack instead of the plastic ones.”

“The person who lived in my apartment before me planted pineapples.”

“A doll with down syndrome sold at a big-box store.”

“My Dad found apples in tomato boxes labeled as blueberries.”

“My drain was blocked so i pulled it up and a frog came out.”

“The sun reflecting off my side mirror melted a mirror-shaped hole in the frost on the window.”

“There’s a dried flower in this 165 years old latin book I just found in our attic.”

“Mcdonald’s in the Netherlands now serve drinks with a cardboard lid instead of a plastic lid.”

“This snow castle in someone’s front yard.”

“This book uses a drawing of a baby with vitiligo.”

“The Indian 1 rupee coin just has a dude giving a thumbs up on it.”

“This packet of sponges came with a free hedgehog.”

“Shooting a laser through the transparent maple leaf on Canadian currency projects the value on the wall.”

“My dishwasher projects the time remaining on the floor because it doesn’t have a visible front panel.”

“The book I borrowed was last lended 41 years ago.”

“I have been keeping a collection of the tiny balls in pen ink cartridges since middle school.”

“Thickness of ice on my windshield in Romania.”

“This guy makes pizza using volcanic vents on the Volcán de Pacaya in Guatemala.”

“72 Carat Tourmaline.”

“My gardening tool kit came with a claw glove.”

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