43 Photos How That Easter Eggs Can Be Found In Real Life Too

“Found At My Local Fresh Market. Congrats Phylis And Thanks For Making The Best Ice Cream!”

“On A Broom Package”

“Under A Coffee Bag”

“Not Op But Be Worth Seeing!”

“Found In Our Baby Name Book”

“Sierra Nevada Understands Family Business”

“Old Sweatshirt”

“My Supplement Delivery Had A Surprise On The Bottom Of The Box”

“This Sign At The Pond”

“Portobello Public Pencil Sharpening Project”

“At My Hospital, The Room Number For Mammogram Tests Spells Out “Boob””

“This Bench In Manchester, UK”

“An Easter Egg I Found Outside Of The Airbnb I Was At This Weekend”

“I’ve Sold These Bigfoot Action Figures For Ages But Never Taken A Close Look At The Box”

“This Face Wash Understands The Limits To Our Motivation”

“On The Back Of A Bag Of Nutritional Yeast Flakes”

“Hidden Mini Dice Inside A Wine Cork”

“The Head Of A Gibson And A Schecter Guitar Fit Together Perfectly”

“Sword In The Stone. England”

“Advice That I Can’t Argue With”

“Fancy Automatic Fire Sprinkler”

“The Tag In My Kid’s Dress Thinks It’s Funny”

“I’m Not The One Who Found It, But It Feels Like It Belongs Here”

“You Can Find Transformers Logos In 2 Spots On Tram Tracks In Helsinki Finland. No One Knows Where They Came From”

“The Upc On Cinnamon Toast Crunch Is Trying To Blend In With The Others Squares”

“The Saturn V LEGO Set Has 1969 Pieces, Which Coincidentally Is The Year Humans Set Foot On The Moon”

“Hi There”

“Found This On The Inside Of The Pancake Mix”

“In A Cards Against Humanity Box”


“Found This On My Walk To Work Today… Poor Little Fella”

“Stayed At A Hard Rock Hotel And The Comforter Had Little Guitars Barely Visible”

“On The Bottom Of My Territory Foods Delivery”

“Happy Birthday To Whoever Garth Is!”

“The Bottom Of My Mattress Box Appreciates The Attention”

“T-Rex Runner Near Some Train Tracks”

“Saw This In A Surprisingly Nice Gas Station Bathroom”

“This Little Message On My Rollerblades”

“Hospital’s Campus In Fenton, Mo Is Shaped Like A Kidney”

“Spotted On A Walk In Kentucky”

“At The Back Of This Intel Sticker You Can See The Processor Architecture”

“Found Under A Bridge Adjacent To A Strip Club In Miami”

“Label In My New Hat!”

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