43 Photos Of Dogs Acting Weird

“This Weirdo’s Figured Out That Sitting Here Gets Her The Most Pets From Passers-By”

“I Specifically Chose This Park Because There Is No Water Feature…”

“Shoutout To The Time I Wanted To Take A Beautiful Photo Of The Landscape And My Dog Just Went…”

“I’m Sure He’s Trying To Hipnotize Me To Let Him Out.”

“Caught This Doofus Mid Sneeze”

“My Favorite Picture Of Daisy. I Have It Framed, Hanging On My Wall.”

“His Face When I Started Staring Back At Him”

“So My German X Belgian Shepherd, Realised After 11 Years He Can “Shut The Blinds””

“We Got Him A Stand So He Wouldn’t Have To Bend Down So Much While Eating. Yeah, About That…”

“He Stole A Cheeseburger And Just Had It Sitting In His Mouth”

“He Fell Asleep In The Rain Today”

“My Dog’s Reaction To Fourth Of July Fireworks”

“We Wouldn’t Let Her In The Pool, So She Stared At Us From The Windowsill.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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