44 Creepy Posts Guaranteed to Give You Goosebumps

Get ready to feel the chills with these 44 posts that are guaranteed to haunt your thoughts and keep you up at night.

“A Camera. There Are Even Smaller Versions”

“A Street In Amsterdam, Netherlands”

“Light Blew Out On A Canadian Wendy’s Sign”

“Saw The Full Mirror In My Hotel Room Randomly Shake And Discovered This Space In The Wall Behind It”

“Extreme Close-Up Of A Wolf Spider. Photo Credits: John-Oliver Dum”

“A Missing Person’s Page From An Old High School Yearbook”

“The Folds In This Curtain Creating The Illusion Of A Face”

“This Was A Machine Patented In 1965, To Deliver A Baby Using Centrifugal Force. The Machine Would Spin The Woman Until The Baby Came Out, Which Would Be Caught In A Net”

“What Did Someone Else Know That We Don’t?”

These “Sunglasses”

“This Guy Did Something Crazy. This Is What He Looks Like Before & After 2,000 Miles From Georgia To Maine”

“Took A Couple Dozen Photos Of This Girl Outside My House And This Was One Of Them”

“Final Self Photo Of Kayaker Andrew Mccauley Recovered From His Memory Stick After His Disappearance.”

“Creepy Mould That Formed From A Plate Of Left Out Cat Food”

“On The Set Of Godzilla (1954)”

“Statue Of A Child At The Bottom Of This Pond”

“The Surface Of Comet 67p, A Jupiter-Family Comet Originally From The Kuiper Belt. Filmed By The Rosetta Space Probe”

“Protective Mother Guarding Her Babies”

“Passengers Boarding A British Airship For Its Last Voyage Killing 48 Of 53 On Board”

“he Stomach Contents Of A Psychiatric Patient Who Suffered From Pica Disorder, A Disease Characterized By An Appetite For Inedible Objects”

“Kidney Stone….I Passed Out”

“Portrait Of A Man Affected With What Is Now Believed To Have Been Congenital Syphilis C. 1820”

“This Suburb Built On Top Of A Shopping Mall”

“My Lemon Tree Grew One Huge Mutant Leaf To Better Absorb TV Radiation”

“The Great Gorge Ruth Glacier In Alaska Is The Deepest At 3700 Feet”

“King Cobra Loose In My Neighborhood”

“Scientists Grew ‘Mini-Brains From Stem Cells. Then The Brains Sort Of Developed Eyes”

“A Lone Scientist Descending Into The Radioactive Darkness Of Chernobyl In 1986”

“Just How Deep Oil Rigs Are Scares The Living Shit Out Of Me”

“The Crime Scene On The Night Of Nov. 11, 1974, That Inspired The Amityville Horror”

“This Photo In My Doctor’s Office”

“I Woke Up To Loud Tapping On My Window”

“The Sleek, Sexy, And Somewhat Sinister Razorbill”

“Woke Up This Morning To These Prints On My Back Yard Deck Came Right Up To My Glass Door”

“Stairway In Hotel Goes Forward 13 Floors Without Any Switchbacks”

“A Bacteria Colony In A Snow Globe That Wasn’t Properly Sterilized”

“My Mom’s Boyfriend Has These In His Hallway. Says There His Ex-Wives. Idk Why He Still Has Them”

“The Gun That Started Ww1”

“Workers Polishing The Gateway Arch 630 Feet Above The Ground In Saint Louis, Mo 1965”

“Today My Car Was Marked With Duct Tape On The Windshield And Handle. No Idea Why”

“Oddly Unreal Looking Side Of The Road”

“What Looks Like A Locked Cage Under My Hotel Shower. View From The Toilet, At My Most Vulnerable”

“Staircase To Nowhere In The Woods”

“I Had To Stop For Gas Around 1 Am”

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