44 Mildly Interesting Found In Nature

“Frost Pattern On A Car This Morning”

“The Way My Windscreen Froze”

“I Saw The End Of The Rainbow Today”

“Yo These Vines In My Neighborhood Look Like An Elephant”

“The Petals Of This Camellia Flower”

“My Aunts Cat Has The Word No Circled In His Fur Pattern”

“This Cat That Lives At The Parking Lot At My Job Has Extra Toes”

“5 Day Old Hedgehogs”

“This Stray Cat In Our Neighborhood Has A Perfect White Mustache”

“This Geode Looks Like A Ocean Waves On The Beach”

“My Rhododendron Looks Like It’s Trying To Run Off”

“I Saw Some Ants Carrying A Glove Up A Lamp”

“My Cat Has One Little Curly Whisker”

“Our New Kitty Has 24 Toes”

“This Bumble Bee Lined Up Perfectly With The Stitches On My Shoe”

“I Was Taking A Panorama Picture Of A Tree In Georgia And It Started Raining Halfway Through”

“The Way The Light Hits This Spiderweb Makes It Look Like A Cd-Rom”

“This Rainbow Vine Started Growing In My Backyard”

“The Variety Of Colors In The Eggs My Friend’s Chickens Laid”

“This Tomato Looks Like A Rubber Duckie”

“The World’s Most Dangerous Plant!”

“Tiny Octopus I Found Inside A Seashell!”

“Tiny Octopus I Found Inside A Seashell!”

“Believe This Might Be A Lightning Strike On A Concrete Sidewalk”

“Our Cookout In Gatlinburg, Tn Was Interrupted By A Bear Who Sat Just Like A Human At The Picnic Table While He Finished Off Our Food”

“Neighbors Tree Was Struck By Lightning, It Now Blooms In Different Stages”

“The Gradient This Clump Of Blueberries Makes”

“The Ghost Deer That Patrols Our Neck Of The Woods”

“This Rock Looks Like A Decapitated Dragon’s Head”

“My Grandfather Had A Red-Headed Woodpecker Land On His Leg”

“This Weird Lemon That Grew On Our Lemon Tree”

“Excessive Rain Resulted In Huge Blueberries”

“Went To See A Volcano That Is Only A Couple Of Kilometres Away From My Home. This Volcano Has Been Erupting For The Past Months In Iceland”

“My Son Was Born With A Black Spot Of Hair In His Blonde Hair. It Grows In Black, And There Is No Birth Mark Or Discoloration Under It”

“The Sand In Tahoe Is Magnetic And Stuck To My Phone”

Credits: www.boredpanda.com

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