44 People Who Had One Job And Failed Miserably

“Literally Your Last Job”

“In 2016, a suicide bomber with explosives in his laptop boarded a Daallo Airlines flight, intending to destroy the aircraft. Twenty minutes after takeoff, the explosives detonated, blasting a hole in the plane, and instantly sucking the bomber out. He was the only fatality”

“Got The Christmas Lights Up. They’re… Candles. Yeah. Really”

“Finished Labeling The Package, Boss”

“That’s One Short Cord”

“I’m Pretty Sure That’s An Avocado!”

“One Space Was All It Was Needed”

“Legend Has It That It’s Still Good To This Day”

“My Kitkat Was Just A Bar Of Chocolate”

“That’s A Tall Girl, If You Ask Me…”

“I Ordered A Precision Screwdriver And It Got Delivered Like This”

“Yes, This Is How Reflections Work”

“Light Up The Stars, Baby!”

“They Changed The Title After Realizing It”

“Big Ben Looks Funny”

“Now What Colors Would My Kid Use To Fill This In ?…”

“Opened A Can Of Corn And…”

““Write Congrats On Them” ( Two Cakes )”

“One Job, Traffic Cone…”

“Not Sure If That’s How This Works”

“Barely Noticeable”

“All Four Colors Lived Together In Harmony. Then Everything Changed When Green Went Rogue”

“I Can See/Hear You”

“Hit Yourself You Will”

“I Found A Use By Date Sticker In My Burger…”

“Left: How It Should Be Right: How They Did It”

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