45 Beautiful Photos Of Adopted Pets

“My Daughter’s Happy Tears Tonight When Our Skittish Rescue Made A Rare Public Appearance To Snuggle With Her”

“6/22 – Their Person Passed Away The Same Week As My Dad. Now We’re Surviving Together”

“My Rescue Kitty Holds Me While I Do Laundry. She’s So Grateful”

“I Went To A Place That Fosters Cats To Adopt One Today, When I Put The Carrier Down Otto Just Jumped Straight In And Decided That I Wasn’t Getting A Choice”

“We Went To Adopt 1 Dog And Left With Both, Can’t Separate Brothers!”

“Found This Stray Kitten With A Broken Leg At Work A Couple Months Ago. Got To Visit Her In The Shelter Today And Will Be Adopting Her After She Gets Spayed Next Week!”

“Ollie Wandered Out Of The Woods Two Weeks Ago And Has Officially Adopted Us”

“Made My Dog A Bow Tie And Cake For Her Adoption Day/Birthday”

“I Adopted This Cat From The Shelter 9 Days Ago. This Is The Look She Gave Me This Morning”

“Meet Gusgus, I Rescued Him Yesterday From A Girl Who Was Gonna Throw Him Out”

“This Is Tucker. He’s A 4-Year-Old Lab/Retriever Mix And He Was Just Adopted By The Seattle Mariners Clubhouse”

“A Week Into Adoption vs. First Birthday”

“My Rescue’s First Night Home”

“Meet Our Rescue Cat Mr. Chubbyhugs!”

“My Newly Adopted Bestie”

“Adopted This Cutie, He Been With Us For 2 Weeks. His Name Is Boots”

“Bonnie’s Big Smile On Her Adoption Day”

“Just Adopted This Handsome Devil”

“Meet Jinx, My Newly Adopted 3 Legged Siamese Friend”

“Adopted 2 Kittens From Different Litters. I Am Jealous Of Their Relationship”

“We Adopted This Little Nugget. Meet Woof”

“Adopted A 10 Year Old Blind/Declawed Kitty This Week And She Is Settling In Perfectly”

“My Goofy Goober, Zeus. I Never Know I Could Love An Animal So Much”

“Newly Adopted! I Named Him Steven”

“Just Adopted… She’s Precious!”

“Appropriately Named Kitten, Fern. She Has An Approved Adopter, No Surprise”

“I Just Adopted A Cat That Likes To Hoard Mice”

“I Just Adopted These Kittens And I Really Need You To See Them”

“Meet Lilo, Rescued From The Envigo 4000 Hence The Ear Tattoo. We’re Going To Give Her The Wonderful Life She Deserves”

“‘Adopted Him Last Week. He’s Extremely Energetic And Loves Everyone In My Family And So Do We. I Named Him Dior”

“Just Adopted This Sweet Pupper”

“Here Is Cleo. I Adopted Her Sunday After Living Alone For 4 Years And She Is Now My Official Computer Buddy”

“My Uncle Just Retired And Decided To Adopt This Fella”

“I Adopted A Cat Who Has Spent The Last Year And A Half In The Shelter. Her Name Is Minerva And She Is The Prettiest”

“Just Adopted This Sassy Girl”

“Hi Everyone, Meet My Smol Baby Tortie Kaia. My First Kitty Ever! Just Adopted Her Yesterday”

“New Rescue Foster Has Taken A Shine To Me”

“Big Day Today For Avatar From Our Cat Shelter. His First Time In The Adoption Room Where He’s Free To Run Around And Play As He Likes. Meeting The Others Was A Little Stressful But He Did Really Well”

“Today I Adopted My Son, Brick!”

“Our Foster Fail Rescue Kitty That We’re Now Committing To Moving To The UK From Nz With Us! No One Wanted To Adopt Her, Can You Believe That?!”

“Fulfilled My Lifetime Dream And Adopted My First Cat Today From A Rescue! He Doesn’t Have A Name Yet But He Sure Has My Heart”

“My Inmate’s Adoption Mugshot”

“Our Newly Adopted Beanie Boy!”

“Murph Found Her Forever Home”

“I Just Adopted A Kitten. Would Love To Know Her Breed If Anyone Can Help Me Out, I’d Truly Appreciate It”

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