45+ Cool And Exciting New Things

“My brother’s wall of board games.”

“My Dad ironing American cash before a trip to the old country.”

“A self-serve wine sample tap in a German supermarket.”

“My local pizza shop uses a peel shaped like a battleaxe.”

“This spoon is a bottle opener.”

“Bananas float in rum but not cognac.”

“I fit 15 toilet paper rolls into one.”

“Before/After of a property I cleaned up the other day.”

Galaxy petunia

’’This cabbage in my yard showing its fall colors’’

’’I got a cramp in the side of my hand, and you can actually see it.’’

’’My tomato got a cut while growing and stitched itself back together.’’

’’The tube on my expanding foam can crack, resulting in this mess. The glove is irremovable.’’

’’After 2 days of freezing rain, this mold came out.’’

’’In my new deck, I got these 2 cards that were mildly printed wrong.’’

’’This sunflower is growing out of the sidewalk.’’

’’My new kitten has an extra paw.’’

’’I left my artichoke out of the fridge, and it bloomed.’’

’’My morning coffee had a flying unicorn in it.’’

’’This sliced ham looks like it’s out of focus.’’

’’This lake has a hole in it.’’

“Store in LA has a life-like wax statue to deter break-ins.”

“Light pillars from ice crystals in cold air.”

“My new toilet seat glows in the dark.”

“The mailbox at my workplace is a defunct robot.”

“My paycheck showed up mysteriously toasted.”

“Someone rode a penny farthing to work today.”

“That alien lemon”

“They left the pizza pan in the box.”

“Spilled Mickey Mouse yogurt looks like Mickey Mouse.”

“You can get bricks with a bend.”

“Ultra-runners in Sweden taking micro-naps between laps.”

“This petrol station built under a housing block.”

“This light attached to the lamp-post projects a picture on the ground to show where the sidewalk is in case of snowfall.”

“My old onion perfectly protected it’s flesh from mold.”

“Tree growing out of a retaining wall drain.”

“This shiny golden beetle I saw outside.”

“A promotional matchbook for the movie Alien (1979) my mother found in our garage..”

“This car parked so long, a weed simply grew around it”

“The Mall of America parking ramps have parking availability lights to let people know if there’s a spot available.”

“My job has a map of the world hanged up where coworkers can place pins on what countries they’re from.”

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