45+ Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Examples

“Tired Of Having Your Charging Cable Stolen? Try Security By Obfuscation”

“Checkout My Carina Nebula Version Of My Jwst Night Light!”

“Now With Random Eye Movement. Powered By A Arduino. Any Suggestions?”

“I Had A Stupid Idea That I Think Is Hilarious. Meet Licking Lickitung”

“I Designed And Printed A Working Desktop-Sized Model Of An Escalator”

“I Pranked My Family By Secretly Upgrading My Submarine Into A U-Boat!”

“Business Card Enbosser. I Know That I Am Not The First With This Idea But I Managed To Design It From Scratch With Only Two Prototypes And Am Quite Happy With The Result”

“Pet Bottle To 3D Print!”

“I Couldn’t Find A Product That Could Open My Curtains So I Made My Own”

“I Designed And Printed A Scale Model Of The Titanics Engine, And Today Was The First Time She Ran By Itself On Air. Still Work In Progress”

“Translucent Orange Benchy Right Out Of The Oven”

“After 8 Years Of 3D Printing, I Finally Found Out My Thing”

“I Think My Dad Dislikes My Latest Print”

“I Designed This Charger For My Apple Watch”

“Honestly, I Don’t Think It’s A Problem That Needs That Kind Of Solution, It Just Came Across My Head While I Was… Well You Know”

“Of Everything I’ve Designed And 3D Printed, This Simple Toy Still Wins”

“This Kid Answered A Request From Local Hospitals To Create Ear Guards, To Help Take The Pressure Off Healthcare Worker’s Ears From Wearing Masks All Day. He Also Made The 3D Printing Patterns Available To Everyone”

“Last Weekend We Began Delivering 3D Printed Bionic Hands To Ukraine! First Up, A 24 Year Old Soldier”

“Wife And I (Mostly Her) Added Hearing Aids To Our Niece’s Gift. They Match Hers”

“This Eagle Was Shot In The Face And Got 3D Printed Beak Which Made Him More Bad@$$”

“I Had To 3D Print This Just In Case!!”

“A Moon Staff That I Made For My Renaissance Faire Costume This Year. Turns On By Hitting The Base Of The Staff On The Ground”

“My Wife Got A New Job As A School Bus Driver. Her First Day Of Training She Only Hit One Cone. I Was So Proud Of Her I Had To Make Her Something To Remember The Day”

“Someone Kept Drinking My Milk From The Office Fridge, So I’ve Made A Lock For The Milk Bottle”

“I 3D Printed Matching Helmets For Myself And My Nub. “Don’t Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again.””

“Kirby Fume Extractor”

“A Walk Around Of The 1:1 T-Rex Print. Started Printing The Ribs Today”

“Began Making Bootleg Collectibles With My Mars 3”

“My Wife Keeps Asking For Help In The Kitchen, Apparently This Doesn’t Count”

“Ugh… Another Bird Feeder… But This One Is For The Common Good!”

“Dragon Finally Done! She’s Not Perfect, But After Some Surgery, She’s Beautiful. Almost 5 Feet Long!”

“Ran Out Of Filament Overnight But The Print Was Too Pretty To Waste So I Found A Hat On Thingiverse And Made A Spooky Squirtle Instead!”

“A Friend Of Mine Recently Lost A Lot Of Weight. So I Made This Figure To Celebrate That!”

“Ultimate Tic Tac Toe”

“I 3D Printed A Completely Pointless New Lid For My Sharpie, Based On A Medieval Mace In The Royal Armouries Collection”

“I Made A Reusable Grocery Shopping List”

“Made The Rocketeer Helmet And Pack Myself”

“My Latest Dual-Pattern Mechanical Dice Box”

“Yes! Finally Dialed In Wood Filament On My Printer!”

“I Designed Drawer/Cabinet Knobs In The Shape Of Rock Wall Climbing Holds”

“Over 3500 Print Hours, To Hold 100 Raspberry Pi Cameras. For A Custom 3D Scanning Rig”

“I’m Happy With How My Chess Board Came Out”

“I Printed Eyes For My VR Headset”

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