45+ People Who Deserve All The Praise

“My Girlfriend Lost Her Purse With Her Passport And A Lot Of Money In It. This Dude Found It, Contacted Her, And Got It Back To Her With Everything Still In It”

“I Got A Flat Tire In An Unfamiliar Area, These Men Stopped And Offered To Help. They Ended Up Doing All The Work And Wouldn’t Accept Money When I Offered”

“Every Day For One Week, Lifeguards Would Meet Ms. Dottie And Her Family To Help Assist Her Down To Her Beach Chairs. At The Days End, They Escort Her Back To The Condo”

“Saudi Police Officers Handing Out Roses To Women Drivers (Today Is The First Day They Can Drive Legally)”

“My Neighbor Knows I’m At Home With A 2-Year-Old While My Husband Is At Work. He Kindly Removed Snow, Cleared Our Walkways, And Salted The Driveway”

“Just Landed NYC. People Across Aisle Didn’t Know Each Other. She Was Flying For First Time And Was Terrified. He Talked Her Through It And Held Her Hand. Just People Being People”

“My Great-Uncle Visits His Wife Every Day Because She’s In An Assisted Living Facility As She Has Alzheimer’s. He Can’t Go In Right Now For Safety Reasons”

“Young Man Comes In Alone, Sees The Older Lady Eating By Herself, Asks To Join Her. Instant Friends. This Is What Is Right In The World”

“An Elderly Woman’s Door Was Ripped Off Its Hinges In An Attempted Break In. Constable Boswell Put His Tradie Skills To Work And Repaired Her Broken Door”

“The Firefighters That Helped Deliver Our Baby In Our Driveway Last Week Just Dropped Off Flowers”

“This Dude That Gave His Girl His Shoes Cause Her Feet Hurt Just Set The Bar Way Too High”

“Dude Saw A Little Old Lady Was Having Trouble Bagging Some Stuff So He Stopped And Held Her Bag Open For Her”

“Small act but man did it make my day… And yes I absolutely took a pic of 2 complete strangers.”

“This Gate Agent Offered To Help An Exhausted Mother Travelling Alone Calm Down Her Crying Infant”

“Jack Purchased Seats In The Upper-Class Cabin For A Flight Home. When He Got Onboard, Jack Found Violet In The Economy Class And Swapped Seats With Her”

“This Guy Kept His Hand In This Position For More Than 45 Minutes So His Daughter Could Sleep Well'”

“On My Flight Today We Hit Some Really Bad Turbulence Over The Atlantic. Pilot Comes On & Says, “Flight Attendants Please Take Your Jump Seats””

“A Couple Of Months Ago, An Elderly Lady Asked Me To Walk Her Home Because She Was Scared She Was Going To Slip On The Ice. Now I Walk Her Home Almost Every Day”

“On My Flight Back To Georgia I Saw A Man Who Offered To Help This Woman Because She Was Pregnant And Alone On The Flight And Her Son Was Upset And Fussy”

“He did not complain, he just told her that he was a DAD, and wanted to help her so she could rest. This MAN walked the aisle for most of the flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta comforting this woman’s son as if he was his own… I was in tears… Not because he was white and she was black… But because it showed me today that there are still GOOD people out there in a world full of turmoil. Big UPS to this DAD and all the DADS out there… You are the real MVPS!”

“After A Woman Was Taken To The Hospital With Hypoglycemia, Two Policemen Stayed To Prepare Dinner For The Five Kids Who Were Still In The House And Did The Dishes”

“This Kind Bus Driver Stopped His Bus, Which Was Full Of Passengers, To Comfort A Bullied Girl He Saw Crying On The Side Of The Road”

“This Amazing Gentleman, Every Valentine’s Day, Brings All The Widows From The Nursing, Retirement Home And Treats Them To Lunch, Gifts, And A Rose For Each”

“This Lovely Gentleman Came In Today To Learn How To Curl His Wife’s Hair. His Wife Is Unable To Curl Her Own Hair And Often Burns Herself”

“So he stepped up to the plate and learned how to curl her hair. We had the pleasure of teaching him! We taught him how to do volume curls on short hair, how to protect her skin from being burned and we even taught him to put on her mascara.”

“This Would Be A Man That Loves Going To Work And Does Not Dread It The Night Before”

“Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, one of the security guards said to the girl “Excuse me, princess, can I have your autograph”. I could see that the book was filled with children’s scribbles as the guard asked the same question of many little Princesses. The little girl could not get over the fact that the guard thought she was a real princess”.”

“A Lot Of People Got To Hear John Williams Conduct A Program Of His Music On Wednesday Night. One Who Didn’t Was A Security Guard. So Seth Low Gave Her An Mini-Concert”

“Lithuanian Police Tradition To Pull Over Every Female Driver On International Women’s Day And Give Them Flowers”

“I Got A Flat & Although My BF Was On The Phone Trying To Help, I Was Struggling To Loosen The Lug Nuts. Then These Guys Came Up”

“They spoke limited English but gestured toward the tire. They put my spare on & I was back on the road in no time. I thanked them & tried to offer them $ to no avail.”

“She May Be In The Hospital, But He Made Sure They Celebrated 57 Years Together”

“Lowe’s Ran Out Of Generators, And A Complete Stranger Gave His Generator To A Woman Whose Father Is Living On Oxygen. People Helping People. I Love My State”

“This Punk Helping A Woman Carry Heavy Stuff In Berlins Subway”

“The Woman Pushing The Car Is Blind. The Man Right Next To Her Repeats Every Single Thing He Sees – What’s On Sale, The Brands And Styles”

“I heard her say while choosing bath towels “ Please get me two white ones, I love the color white”… let us cherish the small gift that is eyesight!”

“Good Samaritan Carries Elderly Woman Struggling To Use Stairs”


“Y’all I have to brag about my husband big time tonight! He made me soo proud. As we were sitting in our seats waiting for the rodeo to start I noticed an elderly lady (pictured below) her grown daughter and 2 young granddaughters trying to come down the stairs. The elderly lady was having a rough time. I pointed them out to my husband and said they may need help. Not only did he help get her to her seat, but she did not have the strength to come back up the stairs. So, he carried her!”

“This Little Lady Has Been Asking Her Husband To Push Her Around So She Can Catch Pokémon While They Wait To Board Their Flight”

“He keeps checking in and cheering her on to see if they got one. Find someone who loves you like this.”

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